Thank you, 2013



I know it may be cliche to say “I can’t believe this year is over” but, really I can’t believe this year is over. This year has been such a blessing and now, in just a few short hours, it will be 2014 and we will be facing a new set of joys and challenges. I can’t help but look back at this year and be so thankful and so humbled at where life has taken me.

In 2013,

Nat and I took an amazing trip to Disney World for our first spring break as official teachers. We finished our FIRST YEAR of teaching (something I never thought I would do). We watched friends get married and have babies. We celebrated finding out about soon to be babies. We grew in friendship with each other and with others. My family took an amazing trip overseas, which was my first time to Europe and Asia. Nat and I adopted our first dog, Avery, and we can’t imagine life without her.My family added our newest member, Sue Ann, in August. Nat and I celebrated our first anniversary. My parents officially retired to Wisconsin and our family saw a lot of change. My sister and her husband bought my parents old house and made it something new and incredible. My sister and her husband announced our first nephew, arriving in March. Nat and I bought our first house. The Rebels made it to the state championship for the first time in school history. Our family  (Nat’s side) welcomed the first nephew, grandchild, baby Grayson (on Dec 30th!).

This year has been a blessing. There has been a lot of joy and sadness, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so looking forward to this upcoming year. There are so many things I am looking forward to doing, changing, growing.

Well, all that to say: Happy New Year!



Happy Thanksgiving!

I am writing this post with a very grateful heart today..

This is the first post from our new HOUSE. Praise the Lord, I can’t believe this is really my home. It has been (and will continue to be) a very hectic few weeks as we have tried to finalize all the things that come with the home buying process, while making it through a very intense part of the school year, and on top of that, enjoying the Rebels incredible football season.

All of that has resulted in a very different Thanksgiving in our home.

Rather than spending the week in one of our parents’ homes, we woke up in our own house today because the Rebels had a Thanksgiving day practice, which, I am learning, is a great honor. Tomorrow night is the state semi-final game. There are only four teams left in the tournament, and West is one of them. I am so proud of that team and especially my coach, my husband, Nat. He puts his entire heart into that team. Around October he starts to get exhausted, but he pushes on anyway. Being able to coach at West has been a great blessing. It has been an amazing experience, and so now we are hoping to end up in Cookeville next weekend playing for that state Champion title.

I am so humbled when I think about the last year in my life. What a year it has been. I think I will always look back on this first year and a half of marriage with gratitude when I think of all that has happened.

This morning, instead of running the annual Werre turkey trot to Pig & Whistle, I ran the Hot to Trot 10k with my friend Hayley. I am so thankful for the friendship we have developed and all of the friendships that have come out of our community group at church.

I am missing my family terribly this year; that comes with the territory of living far away from everyone. I can only think back on this year and smile (and cry happy tears). We welcomed a new member, Sue Ann, into the family in August, we got to take a once in a lifetime trip as a family, we found out we are going to welcome the smallest member of our family in March. I am so grateful for a family that loves hard and loves even when it is hard. It is not easy to live away from all of those crazy people, but it sure makes seeing each other so much better.

I am so thankful for the Scott family. I have always felt like I was part of that family, even before Nat and I were married. I am thankful for health, and for medicine and the fact that everyone is going to be there today. My heart is full when I think about how well they love Nat and I. I won the jackpot when it came to in-laws. It is so nice to know that if I can’t be with my parents, I have a great other half of my family just an hour and a half down the road.

Anyway, this is gushy, I recognize that. I am just counting my blessings today.

Happy Thanksgiving!