Breakfast for Dinner

Earlier this week we had Nat’s brother, Sam, over for dinner. We love being able to spend time with Sam. Especially knowing after he graduates next year, he will probably be off doing something amazing far away. I think everyone’s fear when they get married is in-laws. I was a nervous wreck the first time I met Nat’s family, but it was without reason. I won the jackpot on in-laws. I feel like I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and welcoming group. It has been really fun to get to know them all  better- especially Sam. Because he lives in Knoxville we get to see him more and spend time with him.

One of my favorite meals to have for dinner is breakfast. I don’t know what makes it so delicious, but there is something about eating breakfast when it is dark out that makes it so appealing. When Sam came over last week I was a little nervous. I’m used to cooking for one hungry guy, but adding  a second was something I’m not used to doing. I felt like making a big breakfast meal would be filling while also yummy,

One of my new favorite things to make with breakfast is home fries. The little itty bitty potatoes are one of the things I also order from any breakfast menu. I found a great recipe somewhere that I found inspiration from:

Home Fries:DSC_0412

5-7 gold yukon potatoes

1 onion

2-4 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon minced garlic


This recipe is really hard to measure just because it depends on how much your family is planning one eating. I did my best to give measurements.

Chop the potatoes into small cubes.

Dice the onion

Put all of the potatoes and 2 tablespoons of butter into a large, microwave safe bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the microwave for 7 minutes. Shake the bowl once to move the potatoes halfway through, do not remove the plastic wrap. I do this so the potatoes will be partially cooked, because otherwise it takes forever.

Sautee the onion and garlic together until the onions are brown. After they are sauteed, put them in a small bowl to the side,

Dump the potatoes in one layer onto a NON-STICK pan. The pan really needs to be non-stick. I tried to cook these on my stainless steel pans and it ended up being a mushy mess. Make sure the potatoes are in one layer- sometimes, depending on how much I cook, I have to do two batches.

Cook the potatoes on medium heat until brown on one side: 4-5ish minutes.It may be more, just go until they are brown. After the side facing down is brown, flip the potatoes over and cook the other side.

Once the potatoes are brown, dump the onions back in the pan and cook all the ingredients together for a few minutes.

You can season these anyway you want. You could use just simple salt and pepper, cajun seasoning, whatever sounds good to you. I’ve always like a good onion/garlic mixture with potatoes.

I made buttermilk biscuits and (a lot) of bacon to eat with the potatoes and I think everyone got enough to eat.