Happy Monday!

Mondays are usually my best day of the week. I am not too spent for the school week, and I usually don’t have anywhere to be on Monday nights. I figured I would do a check in and just update on my life.

1) Football season has started. This is another reason for my Monday night post. Nat is the defensive coordinator (I think that is right) for the freshman/JV team, so he is away at a game. The house is quiet with just me and Avery and I tend to have more time when I am on my own. Friday was the first football game of the season, and it was an excellent win 65-7 West! I am hoping for a great season, not just in terms of wins and losses, but for Nat as well. I am praying daily that he still enjoys what he is doing and it worth the long hours with very little thanks.

2) Making freezer meals was the best idea I have ever had. Seriously, it has saved me a lot of time and stress. Usually I would get upset because I wouldn’t have time to do everything and cook dinner. Now I just pull something out of the freezer and I can get my stuff done while it is in the oven. If you are considering it- do it. Stop thinking about it and just go and get it done.

3) My dog is crazy. I love her and I am so glad I have her, but she is getting to be a pretty big girl and our apartment is a little too small for her rambunctious spirit. She is now able to jump over her gate, so I don’t know what we are going to do with her.

4) Today I worked out.

That is the first time I can say that it a while, so I wanted to celebrate it. I am running the St. Jude half marathon in December and I am far from ready. I am trying to get back on the horse this week. We will see how that goes.

5) I am way behind in life. Okay, really, I am way behind in work. Being a teacher is hard. Being an IB teacher is even harder. I went from a job of having 10-15 kids turn in work every 2-3 weeks to 50 kids turning in work every 2 days. Yikes! This girl has got to get on the ball.

With that, I am going to go get my work on.

My goals for this week:

-Work out 3 school days (Today, Tuesday, and Friday) and at least 1 day of the weekend.

-Clean at least one part of the apartment every day so I can enjoy my Saturday a little more.

-Get into the Word. Can anyone send up a prayer for me that I get back into it? Why is that the hardest thing to do??

Anyway- Happy Monday!