Mid-week Things

The end of summer has made me slack off from blogging. I think the extreme cooking day I had made me a little lazy. Oh well, I’m back! I am going to enjoy my next few days off of work- school starts for me on August 5th…that is MONDAY. Monday,people, that is so soon.

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Anyway, this weekend/week I went home to visit my family and celebrate my dad’s birthday. He didn’t expect to see me or my brother until my brother’s wedding, so it was a really sweet time to celebrate. Avery got to spend a lot of time with her dog cousins and now she is exhausted. I am hoping it lasts well into the morning..she got me up at 5 am so she could go play. Dogs are definitely a good step into parenthood.

This week:

1) I have become obsessed with Nashville. Last school year I desperately wanted to get into watching it, but Wednesdays were already filled with a couple of shows and I ran out of tv watching time. Since the canceling of cable, I have been catching up on Nashville through Hulu Plus. I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. Seriously, it is so addicting. I would love to be Connie Britton’s friend. I was a big fan of her’s in Friday Night Lights/ I wanted to be Tammy Taylor so I love being able to watch her in a show again.

2) Today is someone’s birthday…any ideas?

HARRY POTTER (and J.K. Rowling). I’m sorry, I am a major Harry Potter nerd- always have been, always will be. I feel like I should have eaten a piece of cake to celebrate today.

3) My family is saying goodbye (sort of) to our hometown of Millington. My parents are officially, permanently moving to Wisconsin this week. It is a really, very bittersweet time for us. There is so much joy, but also a lot of sadness.  I still have a little weirdness about not having a “home town” home anymore. It is just a really weird situation all around, but God has called us to a big season of change and we are all just going with it. Prayers are definitely coveted.

4) I’m the worst teacher ever. I keep seeing my teacher friends post pictures of their cute, well designed classrooms, and I have only been to my classroom twice. I need to get myself together considering I go back to work on MONDAY!

Anyway, I hope you have a great week. I have quite a few things I am looking forward to making (Hannah, I’m making sweet tea!)


Mid-Week things

Okay. I have obviously stopped traveling/having people over/started living the football coach’s wife life. Mid-week things is actually real and thought out this week.


(Seriously, isn’t she the sweetest? She was sad- she had to get a shot at the vet.)


Has everyone seen THIS. Be still my heart and let me get an “amen” all at the same time. If you are confused/ didn’t click the link (shame)- this is a video of Dustin Hoffman explaining his regret of treating women differently if they aren’t culturally defined as “hot.” Good gracious, I started crying listening to him explain his story.

Let me just be the first one to throw a stone at myself, I am guilty of judging books/people by their cover. I don’t know why my mind makes a correlation between attractiveness and interestingness (just made that word up), but it does. I point at men and get angry when they do it, but really, I do the same thing. How many great people have I missed out on in my life because they weren’t what I defined as “attractive” or even “cool”? How many people have I ignored or treated poorly because of the first glance? Seriously- I can’t take the thought. Please, watch this video. It is really neat and could make you very introspective. It did for me.


On a less serious note, I am obsessed with Mindy Kaling and therefore obsessed with THIS. I can’t help but be a major fan of this woman. I also like to brag about the fact that Mindy and I own the same pair of wedges from TARGET and at one point had the same iPhone case. I feel like we were meant to be best friends. But really, can I be best friends with her?


I am sure by now everyone has heard about Cory Monteith’s death. It is heartbreaking; he was only 31. I stopped watching Glee after the 2nd season, but I always enjoyed the music and Finn, Monteith’s character. This just, once again, makes me recognize that life is so precious and our days are not promised.


I don’t know if I have posted this article before, but I really recommend reading it: How to talk to Little Girls. My jaw literally dropped when I read that nearly half of girls ages 3-6 worry about being fat. GOOD GRACIOUS. Three year olds shouldn’t know what fat means, much less think that about themselves. Three year olds are just learning to go to the bathroom in a toilet and apparently they are simultaneously (it took me an embarrassing amount of tries to spell that word) worried if they are skinny enough. I don’t know if I can handle that.

Also: 15-18% of girls under the age of twelve wear eyeliner and mascara. UNDER the age of 12! What happened to being kids? Gosh, this world is not easy to be a young girl in. Heck- it isn’t easy to be an woman in general in this world, but to think that I am not helping the problem is really shocking.

Regularly- and I mean regularly- I comment on a little girl’s clothes before anything else. Nat has probably lost count of the times I freak out about a tutu or a hair bow.

I read this article and think about the little girl the author spoke to. If someone had asked my five year old self what I was reading, I would have LOVED it. As a little girl (and now a 24 year old) who loved to read, that question would have been a highlight of my day. Heck, I still love talking about what I am reading.

I don’t know…it is something to think about.


Nat and I cancelled our cable. We have Netflix and are planning on getting Hulu plus, but still, it is already weird. You can expect more blogs considering I find it complicated that I can’t just press ON on the remote and I am given my daily dose of TV trash. Here’s to being intentional about my time and using it more wisely.

(Don’t let my pessimistic attitude fool you, I’m really excited about this choice and I am finding that I like the quiet of not having the TV on. And it is motivating me to do a lot of other things that don’t get done when there is a Real Housewives of Orange County Marathon on.)

Mid-Week things

Last week I failed and did not do a mid-week things. I was on the mega bus to DC visiting a few of my girlfriends, and sadly, mid-week things fell to the wayside.

1. Sometimes you need a vacation to recover from vacation.

This summer has been so fun and I have gotten to do so many fun things, but man does it feel good to come home and just hang out. There is nothing as comfortable as your own bed after a few weeks away from it. I have a to-do list that is many items long that I plan on getting done within the next few weeks before school starts.

2. Having a puppy is a lot of work.


I can’t explain how much I love my sweet little Avery Belle, but good gracious she is a bundle of energy and a lot of work. Reason #100 I am thankful to be a teacher- I can potty train and get used to having a dog during the summer when I can be home during the day. I feel like Avery and I will bond during football season, and I will live a much more active lifestyle in the fall because of this girl.

3. My goal for the end of the summer is to create at least 4 different freezer meals to make/freeze to prepare Nat and I for the month of August. School can be very taxing and it became routine last year for the two of us to eat hot dogs or baked potatoes a few nights a week. That is going to change this year! Here is to being productive and ahead of the game.

4. Only a few more weeks until school starts and I think I am ready. (I am mentally ready, definitely not prepared curriculum wise/room put together wise). I am ready to see what this next year brings and the changes I get to make.

Anyway, have a great rest of the week. I am PUMPED because this girl is coming to visit tomorrow! Woo for sister time!

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Mid-Week Things

1. Tomorrow we are going to the beach! We are going with a few of our good friends to Charleston, SC for a weekend beach get away. I feel like my entire month of June has been spent on vacation/away from home, but I am ok with it. I am desperately looking forward to hours spent on the beach, reading and relaxing. Tomorrow, come soon!

2. Nat and I are taking the plunge and becoming parents. PUPPY Parents! We are adopting a sweet baby girl puppy and can pick her up on Sunday on our way back from the beach. I will definitely post pictures right away. I am going to need a lot of help to figure out how to have a dog. I think it should be fun, and I have convinced myself that having a dog will make football season much easier 🙂

3. Tonight for dinner I jumped on the quinoa train and let me tell you, I am jumping off of that train already. I may try it again in another setting, but buffalo chicken quinoa is not for me. If you have any good quinoa recipes- send them my way…I am going to need some convincing.

4. There have been so many good sales lately: Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale and Bath and Body works annual sale. I definitely stopped at both. I can’t resist a good sale 🙂

5. I am sad to admit that June is almost over and July is coming. I told myself that I would make July productive and get to work preparing for next school year. I don’t know how realistic that goal is, but I am definitely going to try. I only have one more trip planned after this beach weekend, so hopefully I will be ready to start being productive (sort of doubting it…)

Anyway, have a great rest of your week! You are halfway to the weekend!

Mid-Week Things (a day late!)

To all of my teacher friends: Happy Summer!

I am sorry this is a day late. Summer break makes me forget the days of the week, and it wasn’t until 9 o’clock last night that I realized it was Wednesday. Anyway, I am only one day behind so that is forgivable, right?

1. Nat and I ran the Expo 10k in Knoxville on Saturday. I finished in little over an hour, and ran .06 more than I was supposed to. This is the 2nd race I’ve run with my Garmin watch and have realized i’ve run more than I was supposed to. It was a great race, and I feel really encouraged after running. I have been stuck at 4 miles for awhile and haven’t been able to push myself to run to 5 miles, but now I know I can and I can do it well!

2. I am excited for summer because I have a lot of good foods I want to make. I am finally going to try the brownie cupcakes and near the end of the summer it is my goal to make a bunch of freezer meals to help Nat and I get through the fall. I think that will really help me in the first few weeks (months) of the school year as I get used to the rhythm of the school year and football season.

3. IMG_0936We celebrated two of our friends getting married this weekend and it was so fun! It was nice to just spend time with our friends and be joyful. I can’t say it enough- we really have great community in Knoxville and we are so blessed to be where we are right now.

4. This week I have felt really challenged to make my summer purposeful and to spend time thinking about next school year, and also what I want to do in Knoxville since we have decided to make this place our official “home town.” Our community group has been reading David Platt’s “Radical.” At the end of the book Platt lists a challenge to live a radical life. I have already felt like I should be more intentional in praying and reading the Bible, and part of his challenge is praying for the World and reading the Word in a year.

I want to spend the summer really reading the word and also being more intentional in my prayer life. My prayers are usually “Thanks, God for the food and for my blessings..Amen.” I feel like I need more than that.

5. The other day, as I wasted time at work, I came across this article on Runnersworld.com. It had me laughing (even though it really isn’t funny) because it was so Nat and I. We both love running. We both count ourselves as runners. We love to run races and to challenge ourselves, but WE DO NOT RUN TOGETHER. Let me make that clear: we do not run together. I will ask Nat to run with me, but then 15 steps into our run, I automatically regret it. Nat loves running and naturally excels at it. I love running, but it is painful for me. I have to really motivate myself to get going. He gets frustrated with me because I am slow. I get annoyed with him because he is fast. After a few tries at running together, we both came to the agreement that we just wouldn’t run together. The only time we run together is if Nat is done and he turns around to come find me and get my butt into gear.

He is such a good husband. He doesn’t let me quit.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Happy summer!

Mid-week Things

1. Monday night I got to spend a little quality time with some of my best girlfriends. These three women were my best friends throughout (most) of college. Now we all live in different places and are going through different phases of life, but when we do get together it is like nothing has changed. Those types of friendships are a blessing. I feel like they are rare, and don’t happen with everyone. After living life so closely together for so long, it only makes sense that our bond is so close. We missed our fourth, though.  I am learning how difficult it is, as an adult, to maintain friendships. College was easy- you are all on the same weird schedule, you have a lot of free time, and you usually live within 10 miles of each other. After college, however, it is work. You have to really be intentional and most of the time seeing each other is not convenient for at least one party. I am learning how important it is, though. These friendships from college are important because those girls saw me in some of the biggest changing stages of my life. They held me together through some pretty big things. Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sap. I am always emotional and I don’t think I want to change.

2. I’ve been moseying around some blogs and I saw a really cool idea. I got the idea from Naptime diaries-  Its called “analog weekends.” Basically, you decide that for a certain amount of time- I will say Friday night to Sunday night, you don’t put your life on the Internet. You get off facebook/instagram/twitter and really just live your life. I think I need this. I am a social media lover. I can’t help it, but at the same time, I need to take responsibility for it. I can get to the end of the day sometimes and wonder what the heck I spent my time doing. I need to actually be involved in my life rather than wondering what everybody else is doing/how I stack up to the rest of the world. With that being said, have you read this article? “Stop Instagramming your perfect life“So good. So convicting

3. Nat and I have been out of town so much lately that we decided to see a movie on a Tuesday. What a wild life we live! But seriously, we love to see movies. In our budget we have a “recreation” category.At the beginning of the month, when we are creating our budget , we legitimately look at fandango to see which movies are coming out that month and we create our recreation budget based off of that. We are awesome.

4. Monday night I got a little embarrassed of my obsession with Criminal Minds. I realized that I have seen nearly every episode…twice. I was flipping channels and got hopeful when I saw that a Criminal Minds marathon was on. I checked the info on the 6 episodes showing, and to my dismay and humiliation, I realized that I had seen every episode playing. I need an intervention. I love crime tv.

5. I just ordered an amazing print from sacred made shop. Seriously, I am counting down the days until it gets delivered. I have no idea where I am going to put it, but I like it so much I may consider redecorating until I find a spot.

6. If TBS ever stops showing Friends in the afternoon- I may spiral into a depression. Even though I have all the seasons on DVD, I still watch all of the commercials every afternoon. Did you hear about this awesome news? NBC Confirms Friends reunion!  If this really happens I may have a panic attack. Someone please celebrate with me!

7. I finally decided that I had to start running again. I’ve begun bringing my running clothes with me and just going after work. If I come home I get sucked into a nap, or cleaning, or whatever else seems important at the moment (usually a nap). My goal next month is to run 100 miles for the first time in 2 years. Hopefully I can do it!

7. It is Wednesday, therefore, I am going to take my well-deserved mid week nap.

Mid-Week Things

My goal with this blog is consistency. Wednesdays will be my day to just give my Mid-week thoughts. There will probably be a lot of random thoughts shot out here.

1) My heart is broken over the bombing at the Boston Marathon. As a runner, and as a wife of a runner, the enormity of this situation is weighing really heavily on my heart. Races are such an exciting day for everyone- the runners and the spectators. The magic of the Boston Marathon seems to have been robbed. The Boston Marathon is best of the best- it is the dream of many (if not most) competitive runners. Now, there is a fear, not just about Boston, but about marathons and races in general. I think we never stop running. I hope the cowards that did this don’t win, and we keep on running and keep on doing what we love. Overall, I don’t know. I feel sad, but also more inspired to keep running. My plan is to one day run another marathon and celebrate like heck when I get to that finish line. I can be hopeful about people though, because in the midst of the terror- this list has gone around. It is compiled of people in Boston who are willing to offer up their homes to people who were displaced from their hotels after the bombing. It is simply titled “I Have a Place to Offer.”  If that doesn’t give you hope, I don’t know what will.

2) Is anyone else extremely disappointed that The Office is screwing with Jim and Pam? I cannot get over my annoyance. Their relationship is what made the show! I know that every marriage goes through issues and what not, but don’t make Jim this big of a jerk, please! They only have a few weeks left to make this work and to get their stuff together, but I will not lie. I am not happy with their nonsense.

3) Have you seen this video? Dove Real Beauty Sketches is an experiment by Dove that allows women to see the difference between what they think of themselves and how other people see them. WOW. We are our own toughest critic.

4) My sister and I cleaned out her closet together. I’m in Knoxville and she is in Memphis. I LOVE Face Time. It felt like I was sitting in her room with her, telling her which clothes to get rid of, and which clothes to give to me. I love being able to connect even when we are hours away.

Speaking of my sister…check out her Etsy shop. She is one of the most talented people I know, and the products she and her husband make are gorgeous. I’m getting a window table for my birthday and I cannot wait: Hannah’s Craft Nest

5) Nat and I have had a busy couple of weeks (the whole month of April) and I haven’t had a lot of time to cook. I have my eye on a few recipes that I want to make- so look forward to my adventure in fried shrimp (so healthy, I know), and some stuffed shells sometime soon.

6) I shopped my mom’s house this weekend and found some really cute stuff. I might dable in the art of decorating/painting/ everyone seeing how pitiful I am when I try to be creative. So much excitement coming up soon!