Life through my iPhone

Hello, friends! Here is my life lately:

IMG_1458We have finally started to have the beautiful Knoxville fall weather I love. Avery has been enjoying it as well. I’m glad she is a good dog and we can just sit on the back porch without her running all over the place.


I made another Boston butt to have more shredded pork, which pairs REALLY well with some onion straws to create a really yummy taco.


And if I am going to cook something salty, I have to have something sweet…

IMG_1453These have happened…twice. PB rice krispy treats, dipped in chocolate of course. That recipe is coming up soon! They are so simple and so yummy.

IMG_1438Of course, plenty of football has been watched already…

IMG_1415I’m thankful for good friends who will come cheer on the Rebels (and Nat!) with me.


So far it has been a great season 3-1!


This is my life motto lately. IB is creating a very stressed Sarah, but the kids are great and I am never bored that is for sure.


I got to spend the weekend with my family. They came to cheer on the Rebels and spend some time with Nat and I. It was such a great blessing! I can’t believe the next time I see my sister we will know if she is going to be having a boy or a girl!


My parents got to come to my school and see my classroom. This really was a blessing. They are the reasons I am a teacher and they are such a great support system. I am immeasurably blessed by great parents.


Life has been busy and I am exhausted and pretty sure I am coming down with the flu, but it is good and I can only thank the Lord for that.

And of course, in the last few weeks we have had a little fun with our dog child.


I mustache you a question….

Am I the only one who takes selfies with their dog?


My Pinterest List

Oh ,Pinterest, you sly devil, you. You make me want to be crafty when I know that I am not. You make me want to eat decadent desserts when I’m trying to be healthy. You make me want to design a house for a family of 10 when there are only two of us.

I try to stay off Pinterest as much as possible because it makes me feel like I’m not getting everything done that everyone else in the world is doing. It also can make me feel like I have 0 skills when it comes to decorating, which, without the help of my mother, might be true.

Pinterest does have its good sides. I’ve found some amazing recipes from Pinterest and I have a few craft projects I might try and do. Here is my Pinterest list- the recipes I want to get around to making and the crafts that I want to get around to doing. Hopefully one day in the near future the end result will end up here. If not, at least you know I meant well.

Project 1:Kitchen Tablet Holder (DIY, of course) 

Pinterest 1I use my iPad almost every time I am in the kitchen. I use it to listen to music, to find recipes, and to look on Facebook while waiting for something to cook. Anyway, my iHome is not the most attractive stand and sometimes I wish I had something more attractive to sit on my kitchen counter. The original maker of this tablet holder found her products at a thrift store. There are two problems with that idea: I never really go to thrift stores and when I do- they don’t have what I want. Oh well- my goal is to make this sometime soon…or let my sister make it. She is the crafter in the family.

Project 2: Monogrammed wreath

pinterest 2When I saw the picture of this wreath on Pinterest, I was immediately attracted to it because it had on S. I thought “that is meant for me!” Well, I forget that I don’t really like crafts and I especially don’t like glue guns, which this would require me to use. I used to make wreaths with my sister when I was young- so I feel like I could do it again. I have to remember that when I was little I thought crafts were my thing. I don’t really know how those wreaths actually looked. Mom, did you just buy them from me so I wouldn’t feel bad?

Project 3: Picture frame coffee table tray

pinterest 3I have seriously been putting this project off since um…June of last year. No big deal, I will get around to it. Once again, the finding of the cute frame and door handles, and the using of a glue gun have deterred me from this project. I really need to get over those things. I love these trays and I think they look really good. I’m just a little worried about my own sense of style. Maybe (surprise,surprise) I’ll wait until I see my sister again and have her man the glue gun. I think the world (and my coffee table tray) would be better off.




Recipe 1: Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites

pinterest4I thought about making these once, and then I realized they took HOURS. This girl does not have hours to make some pretzels during the school year. My goal is to try and make these sometime this summer. I love pretzels and I love ham and cheese sandwiches. I also really love bite sized food! Seriously though, they look delicious and I am anxiously awaiting the summer so I can try out a lot of fun new recipes.

Recipe 2: Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

Pinterest 5I am a red meat lover. I love hamburgers, steak, roast- anything and everything red meat. Nat, however, isn’t a huge red meat eater. He would rather eat chicken. This has been a bit of an issue, but I do have to say chicken can be very diverse. You really can do anything with it. I have been meaning to try this recipe because it is something different, and I definitely have never tried it. I think I have the time to make this sometime before the school year is up.






Recipe 3: Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

pinterest 6Reason #1 I am not going to make these soon- I am a sucker for cupcakes. I literally could eat 5 cupcakes in one day if they are available. I need a reason for multiple people to come eat these things before I even try to make them. Any takers on a cupcake party? But seriously, these look so decadent and delicious, and I know I wouldn’t be able to control myself. If you don’t know this about me, you need to: I DON’T HAVE SELF CONTROL.

Mid-week Things

1. Monday night I got to spend a little quality time with some of my best girlfriends. These three women were my best friends throughout (most) of college. Now we all live in different places and are going through different phases of life, but when we do get together it is like nothing has changed. Those types of friendships are a blessing. I feel like they are rare, and don’t happen with everyone. After living life so closely together for so long, it only makes sense that our bond is so close. We missed our fourth, though.  I am learning how difficult it is, as an adult, to maintain friendships. College was easy- you are all on the same weird schedule, you have a lot of free time, and you usually live within 10 miles of each other. After college, however, it is work. You have to really be intentional and most of the time seeing each other is not convenient for at least one party. I am learning how important it is, though. These friendships from college are important because those girls saw me in some of the biggest changing stages of my life. They held me together through some pretty big things. Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a sap. I am always emotional and I don’t think I want to change.

2. I’ve been moseying around some blogs and I saw a really cool idea. I got the idea from Naptime diaries-  Its called “analog weekends.” Basically, you decide that for a certain amount of time- I will say Friday night to Sunday night, you don’t put your life on the Internet. You get off facebook/instagram/twitter and really just live your life. I think I need this. I am a social media lover. I can’t help it, but at the same time, I need to take responsibility for it. I can get to the end of the day sometimes and wonder what the heck I spent my time doing. I need to actually be involved in my life rather than wondering what everybody else is doing/how I stack up to the rest of the world. With that being said, have you read this article? “Stop Instagramming your perfect life“So good. So convicting

3. Nat and I have been out of town so much lately that we decided to see a movie on a Tuesday. What a wild life we live! But seriously, we love to see movies. In our budget we have a “recreation” category.At the beginning of the month, when we are creating our budget , we legitimately look at fandango to see which movies are coming out that month and we create our recreation budget based off of that. We are awesome.

4. Monday night I got a little embarrassed of my obsession with Criminal Minds. I realized that I have seen nearly every episode…twice. I was flipping channels and got hopeful when I saw that a Criminal Minds marathon was on. I checked the info on the 6 episodes showing, and to my dismay and humiliation, I realized that I had seen every episode playing. I need an intervention. I love crime tv.

5. I just ordered an amazing print from sacred made shop. Seriously, I am counting down the days until it gets delivered. I have no idea where I am going to put it, but I like it so much I may consider redecorating until I find a spot.

6. If TBS ever stops showing Friends in the afternoon- I may spiral into a depression. Even though I have all the seasons on DVD, I still watch all of the commercials every afternoon. Did you hear about this awesome news? NBC Confirms Friends reunion!  If this really happens I may have a panic attack. Someone please celebrate with me!

7. I finally decided that I had to start running again. I’ve begun bringing my running clothes with me and just going after work. If I come home I get sucked into a nap, or cleaning, or whatever else seems important at the moment (usually a nap). My goal next month is to run 100 miles for the first time in 2 years. Hopefully I can do it!

7. It is Wednesday, therefore, I am going to take my well-deserved mid week nap.