Two Yellow Bathrooms (the conclusion)

*This is the third and final part of a three part adventure of mine in home decorating. Go back and read Part 1 and Part 2

So we left off with me crying in the Home Depot parking lot but convincing myself that going back and painting my bathroom yellow would not be the worst thing and guess what? It was not.

Now- I have been asked on multiple occasions about my experience and based on the first one, most people expected me to say “Kill me now” or something along those lines.

Believe it or not, painting my bathroom was a relatively pleasant experience once I actually got to the painting part. Now, it took me a little while once I got home to really convince myself that I wanted to do something like this to myself again. I had to give myself multiple pep talks all the way up the stairs (and back down again, I obviously forgot things).

I prepped the bathroom way better than I did the last time, I thought through what I was actually doing, and I gave myself an action plan. Also- I did not start at 10:00 at night (I think that was one of the key factors in the dramatics of my first attempt).

I knew getting into it that there was no way I was going to do the trim at the top. I am just too short and our ladder is currently broken so I knew that I couldn’t finish the entire room by myself, which was fine, so away I went into the adventure of painting.

I finished, I would say, 70% of the bathroom by the time Nat got home. I left him most of the trim work at the top and some of the touching up.

Now as this adventure comes to a close and a I move on to my next big undertaking (which might just be going back to work on MONDAY) I have to say one thing:

Painting will never be a hobby of mine. I just don’t think that it is ever going to be something I enjoy, but now after 2 rooms I don’t think it is something that will bring me to tears (hopefully).

Now it is time to reveal the new color! There are a few spots that need touch up and my shelves aren’t completely decorated but here it is:


I bought the picture frame and clock at TJ Maxx this morning…so ignore the price tag. The shelf decorations aren’t permanent. I just needed something to fill up the space for the time being. We will see where it ends up.

IMG_2879I got this print from Sacred Made shop. This is my 3rd print from this shop and I love it. I really am trying to put Biblical truth in every room of my home to help keep my mind focused on what is real and true. They are really nice quality and very affordable! Check them out!

IMG_2882I purchased this shower curtain at Target (surprise surprise) as well as the bath rugs. I am a little mad at myself because today at TJ Maxx I saw a few bath rugs I liked a little bit better. I might consider new rugs a little bit later…

Overall, I am pretty happy with the way this room turned out. It still has a little work left, but I am pleased. I am not excited about painting other rooms, but I am not dreading the day it comes.

Thanks for staying with me in this story! Happy Thursday!




Two Yellow Bathrooms (Part 2)

*This is the 2nd part of a riveting 3 part series on the mistakes I make in home decorating. To read the exciting first part click HERE.

I am so glad you came back to read how this story ends (or really, it is just beginning. I have 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom left unpainted in my house).

So, where were we? Oh yes, I had just finished painting my half bathroom and had sworn off painting for life. I had decided I would just spend the money on professional painters and save my time and sanity.

That lasted, oh about 2 weeks and 1 stitch fix later and I realized that I didn’t really want to spend my hard earned $$ on something I (technically) could (probably should) do on my own. Nat and I had come from a couple of busy weeks/I went out of town again and realized there were very few weeks left in our summer. WOMP WOMP (Pity party scheduled for next Friday, August 1- bring your friends and copious amounts of margaritas).

Anyway, after I came to that horrific realization I decided to paint my bathroom. I had picked out a lovely shade of light, almost white blue because I had this image of a really serene, spa like bathroom going on (via pinterest) and I was going to accomplish it.

This was my initial inspiration. I liked the light colors going on; it made this bathroom seems peaceful to me.




pinterst bathroom


And so that led me to this Monday morning, the day I was going to put the past behind me and become a house painter who didn’t cry. Or so I thought…

I was determined as I sat there and watched the Today show. I was going to paint that bathroom and it was going to be a completely positive experience and I was not going to cry and by the time Nat got home from football the bathroom was going to be almost completely done and I would be fresh faced and gorgeous.

I got up with fierce determination and I did something I should normally do (but never think about it until I get there) when I go to Home Depot. I MADE A LIST.

I wrote down everything I needed that day…including the paint color. I dug through all my samples from my time as a homeowner and wrote down the sample dated 7/1/2014.

I got to Home Depot feeling confident and positive. I told the lady exactly what I needed- 1 gallon of satin paint, please. Boo yah I thought. This is going to be easy. I even found this:


I thought to myself, “WOW, Sarah, this might actually be fun it is going to be so easy.”

I didn’t want to cry while I stood around looking at paint brushes. I even found liners for the paint pan so that when I was done painting I didn’t have to spend forever trying to clean out and preserve my paint pan. What a day I was having!

And then.

And then I walked up to the counter where my gallon of paint was waiting for me to take it home to my 2nd adventure in painting and I realized it was yellow.

Remember how I said I wrote down the sample date 7/1/2014. Well, guess what? There were two samples dated 7/1/2014. One was my light, almost white blue and the other was yellow, as in the yellow from my half bath downstairs.

I tried to fix my face as I recognized what I had done and I picked up my gallon from the counter. I dragged myself to the check out (thank you Lord for self check out) where I paid for my paint with shame.

*I recognize I could have told them it was the wrong color, but this girl has a little too much pride. (But do I? It is questionable considering I am sharing this story)

I walked myself to my car where I immediately broke down into tears (all the while thinking, I wasn’t going to cry today). I texted Nat a very melodramatic recap of my morning where I apologized for wasting $35 on paint. I intended on getting a new can of paint, but it sure as heck wasn’t going to be that day. This girl has too much pride to walk back to the paint counter 20 minutes after leaving. I texted my mom because she knew that I was planning on painting that day. After a few minutes of crying and pouting in the car, I drove away from Home Depot- defeated and turned off from the idea of painting.

As I turned out of the parking lot I started thinking of the gallon of paint currently sitting in my back seat. I thought about selling it online (is that even a thing?), I thought about leaving it at Home Depot, and then finally after my tears of shame dried up, I thought about actually using the paint and having two yellow bathrooms.

No, my bathroom would not be exactly what I imagined it to be, but it is a very pretty shade of yellow, and yellow is my favorite color.

So, I texted Nat (who still hadn’t answered; probably for the best) and said “We will have two yellow bathrooms.”

I drove my sassy little butt home and got ready to paint my bathroom yellow.

*Part 3 of this hilarious, yet heartwarming narrative will be available any day now. I am not ready to reveal the finished product of my yellow bathroom until all pieces are in place.




Two Yellow Bathrooms

If you know me you know that I am a) not a crafty, projecty, home maintenance type of gal and b) not afraid to let people know about my struggle.

So if you enjoy a good story about a person who isn’t the best at anything crafty- you are in the right place.

Let me continue with the story of Nat and I painting our half bathroom. I suggested going to Home Depot at 9:00 PM to pick out samples. We got home at, let’s say, 9:30 and then painted some samples on the wall. After about 5 minutes I knew exactly what I wanted so I convinced Nat that he needed to go and buy the paint so that I could start painting immediately when I woke up in the morning. (I was obviously blinded by my optimism).

Nat got home at around 10 and I decided that starting to paint at 10:00 was the best idea of the day. *Let us all remember that my bedtime is usually 10:30, so anything started at 10:00 is dangerous.

We started to paint. And I started to doubt my ability. I tried to paint the trim while Nat used the roller. Let me be really clear- I TRIED to paint the trim. By try I mean, I got paint all over the floor, myself, and the sink. I pretty much painted everything except the trim. Anyway, after about 30 minutes of painting I started to cry/whine/get upset because “I am not good at painting.” But, soldier on we did. Nat is super positive and is also really good at most things so he kept doing a great job and I kept whining.Eventually 12:00 came and my body/eyeballs/emotions became exhausted and started to shut down, so it was off to bed for me hoping the next day I would wake up with all of the painting skills I lacked the night before.

The next day we got up and helped some of our friends move and then I headed back to the house to start up the painting adventure again. The main issues I had to solve were the trim at the top and oh, everything involving trim around the sink and the toilet. I started painting, sent my mother a text that said something along the lines of “I am a hot mess/this bathroom painting is a hot mess”, cried a little bit, texted Nat and begged him to come home and save me from my madness. As I got more and more desperate I started to figure out a solutions to my pitiful problems, BLUE EDGING TAPE. Instead of painting, I taped up every edge in that bathroom so that Nat could come home and finish painting easily.

And he did come home and he did finish painting! He finished it and then we pulled off the tape and along with the tape came the paint that he spent so much time painting on the trim. BUMMER. But bless my husband’s heart, while I was crying and pouting about my wasted time taping, he repainted everything I messed up. Winner winner, right there.

So we made it through our first painting experience. We had a lovely yellow half bath and I was excited/ dreading having to paint any other rooms in our house.

*Oh don’t let me forget to mention the horrible decision I made to paint a sample stripe on my master bathroom wall because I was certain we would be so good at painting we would get both bathrooms painted in 2 days. Hahaha…so naive. 

Please stay tuned for part 2 of Two Yellow Bathrooms.