Five on Friday

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I’ve been looking around other blogs, and today I found this fun Link up party. I spent all afternoon looking at Carolina Charm’s blog. It is amazing what I have the time for when I am not working. Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

1. My favorite things party

I found the idea of a “Favorite things” party on Pinterest, of course, and I have become motivated to throw one this summer. July is going to be pretty free because our vacations will be done, so I am finding things to look forward to. I love the idea of sharing things with friends that I absolutely love.

2. This group of women:


I feel like my first year of marriage has been very special. Nat and I have been around a lot of young married people, most of whom are our close friends. It has been really fun to experience the first year of marriage alongside a group of women that I adore. We unofficially are the “wives club.”

3. Strawberry season.


Nat and I just got another gallon of strawberries and I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow when I will make  this strawberry ice box pie. Seriously, I can’t get enough of strawberries right now. I might turn into one!

4. Summer vacation is obviously on my list of favorite things.

I can’t explain how lazy I have been and how glorious it has felt. I have had a difficult time transitioning from the teacher state of mind, where I need to get everything done within my 2 day weekend. I am so thankful to be a teacher right now (and 90% of the school year).

5. Jesus Calling.

jesus callingI have had this book since last year, and I usually get stuck around April/May. I am trying desperately to keep up with it and make it through the rest of the summer/year. As I talked about in my last post, I am really trying to get into the word on a daily basis.

I won’t be able to link up next Friday because of my family vacation, but I look forward to doing this on a regular basis. Here is to Mid-week things and Five on Fridays!