Weekend Recap

This weekend I went to Munford to celebrate the wedding of one of my childhood friends, Brian. It was a really nice, quick trip, but it was filled with a lot of family time and snuggles with my sweet little nephew.

I got to Munford on Friday afternoon and had a Chick Fil A lunch with my sister, brother, and sister in law. I left Knoxville in the middle of a nice rain storm, which I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed about. I had sort of been looking to a rainy day to just hang out inside and have a movie day with Nat, but oh well- rainy days always come back.

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner and a Memphis favorite- Central BBQ. I will be really honest here- I was the worst wedding guest when it came to this wedding. I forgot to RSVP until 2 weeks ago when my sister asked me if I was coming. I also went to the rehearsal dinner at the request of my family. Oh well, Brian didn’t seem to mind and, I guess, that is what matters. Anyway, Central BBQ is so yummy and one of my favorite things to eat there are their BBQ nachos. There is nothing quite like their nachos chips. Obviously on a buffet line, nachos are hard to find. I was really craving some of their chips so my sister convinced me to find our waitress and order a basket. I did not regret it at all and we ate our basket of chips with gusto.

Saturday was a very relaxing, chill day. Everyone sort of had their own thing to do in the early afternoon so I was able to run and just hang out (not that I don’t get enough of that during the summer).

I have to interject a funny little story about my Saturday afternoon run. Munford has many a back road and that is where I run when I am home. Well, I was a mile and a half into my run just thinking and running and not paying attention and all of the sudden I found myself with my feet not on the ground. Apparently there were quite a few large branches sticking out onto the road… I was supposed to miss them. I ended up tearing up my elbow a little bit and some road rash on my thighs. It was not my proudest moment. It took me a few minutes to shake it off and decide if I wanted to walk back to the house in shame or if I wanted to keep going. I, proudly, kept going and ended up getting four miles done. All in all- not too bad of a day.

After my exciting afternoon, we all got ready and headed to the wedding. It was a really sweet event and I am so excited for Brian and his bride Shelley. They are a perfect match.

As my sisters and I were sitting at  the table and Hannah started sharing pictures of Zeke with the others at our table. The older people get saying to us “It goes by so fast.” I couldn’t do anything except agree. Life has flown by. It feels like yesterday that Zeke was born and that was 4 months ago! It feels like yesterday Nat and I got married. We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I am trying very hard to remember to enjoy every moment and to love where I am at this point in my life. I have the tendency to wish my life away and I am really trying not to do that anymore.

Anyway- I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am writing this post with a very grateful heart today..

This is the first post from our new HOUSE. Praise the Lord, I can’t believe this is really my home. It has been (and will continue to be) a very hectic few weeks as we have tried to finalize all the things that come with the home buying process, while making it through a very intense part of the school year, and on top of that, enjoying the Rebels incredible football season.

All of that has resulted in a very different Thanksgiving in our home.

Rather than spending the week in one of our parents’ homes, we woke up in our own house today because the Rebels had a Thanksgiving day practice, which, I am learning, is a great honor. Tomorrow night is the state semi-final game. There are only four teams left in the tournament, and West is one of them. I am so proud of that team and especially my coach, my husband, Nat. He puts his entire heart into that team. Around October he starts to get exhausted, but he pushes on anyway. Being able to coach at West has been a great blessing. It has been an amazing experience, and so now we are hoping to end up in Cookeville next weekend playing for that state Champion title.

I am so humbled when I think about the last year in my life. What a year it has been. I think I will always look back on this first year and a half of marriage with gratitude when I think of all that has happened.

This morning, instead of running the annual Werre turkey trot to Pig & Whistle, I ran the Hot to Trot 10k with my friend Hayley. I am so thankful for the friendship we have developed and all of the friendships that have come out of our community group at church.

I am missing my family terribly this year; that comes with the territory of living far away from everyone. I can only think back on this year and smile (and cry happy tears). We welcomed a new member, Sue Ann, into the family in August, we got to take a once in a lifetime trip as a family, we found out we are going to welcome the smallest member of our family in March. I am so grateful for a family that loves hard and loves even when it is hard. It is not easy to live away from all of those crazy people, but it sure makes seeing each other so much better.

I am so thankful for the Scott family. I have always felt like I was part of that family, even before Nat and I were married. I am thankful for health, and for medicine and the fact that everyone is going to be there today. My heart is full when I think about how well they love Nat and I. I won the jackpot when it came to in-laws. It is so nice to know that if I can’t be with my parents, I have a great other half of my family just an hour and a half down the road.

Anyway, this is gushy, I recognize that. I am just counting my blessings today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Life through my iPhone

Hello, friends! Here is my life lately:

IMG_1458We have finally started to have the beautiful Knoxville fall weather I love. Avery has been enjoying it as well. I’m glad she is a good dog and we can just sit on the back porch without her running all over the place.


I made another Boston butt to have more shredded pork, which pairs REALLY well with some onion straws to create a really yummy taco.


And if I am going to cook something salty, I have to have something sweet…

IMG_1453These have happened…twice. PB rice krispy treats, dipped in chocolate of course. That recipe is coming up soon! They are so simple and so yummy.

IMG_1438Of course, plenty of football has been watched already…

IMG_1415I’m thankful for good friends who will come cheer on the Rebels (and Nat!) with me.


So far it has been a great season 3-1!


This is my life motto lately. IB is creating a very stressed Sarah, but the kids are great and I am never bored that is for sure.


I got to spend the weekend with my family. They came to cheer on the Rebels and spend some time with Nat and I. It was such a great blessing! I can’t believe the next time I see my sister we will know if she is going to be having a boy or a girl!


My parents got to come to my school and see my classroom. This really was a blessing. They are the reasons I am a teacher and they are such a great support system. I am immeasurably blessed by great parents.


Life has been busy and I am exhausted and pretty sure I am coming down with the flu, but it is good and I can only thank the Lord for that.

And of course, in the last few weeks we have had a little fun with our dog child.


I mustache you a question….

Am I the only one who takes selfies with their dog?

Monday Things


ok monday

I recognize Mid-week Things has sort of gone off the deep end. Wednesdays are probably the busiest day of my week and by the time I get home I am much too exhausted to blog. 

Nat has football on Monday nights so I have free time to blog and nap and run and do whatever else I feel like doing.

1) Today I did what I know I shouldn’t have done. I started watching Downton Abbey. I know I should spend my time grading papers or planning, but this afternoon I needed something to watch that Nat wouldn’t really care if I started getting into. Since we got rid of cable I haven’t been watching much TV in the afternoons, but every now and then I need something to watch. So Downton Abbey it is! 

2) I have quite a trouble maker puppy. Let me just list the things Avery has eaten or destroyed in the last two weeks: Home Alone and Brave DVDs, the garbage, the walls, the carpet, cotton balls, our football family picture from last year, wrapping paper, the bottom of a mattress, 2 books, socks, underwear, and some magnets.

Has anyone else had such a trouble maker puppy? We were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her stay out of her kennel during the day, but it seems as if she isn’t old enough so back in the kennel she goes! 

3) I ran 10 miles in 3 days this week (Well, week as in Saturday until today) I can’t  tell you the last time I ran more than 4 miles in a week. I keep telling Nat I am going to get back in shape, and I have finally gotten myself together and decided to start running again. I am making small weekly goals to help myself get back in the swing of things before I set my sights on anything too large. My goal last week was to run 10 miles, which I did. This week I am hoping to run 12. 

4) I have a very serious addiction to home made chex mix. Now this is a blog post waiting to happen, but homemade Chex Mix is something serious in my family and when I make it, I can’t stop eating it. Well, I made it on Sunday and now it is all I eat. I really need to watch out because I am going to have high blood pressure or be incredibly bloated for a month.

5) And last, but certainly not least: I am going to be an AUNT. This is the most exciting news I’ve had in awhile. My sister is pregnant, and I am so thrilled. I can’t wait to meet this new blessing to our family. Nat is prepared for our bank account to hurt, because I won’t be able to stop myself from spoiling my little niece or nephew. Bring on March! 

Sorry I’ve been absent

Happy Thursday evening everyone!
I am writing this from my iPad in the Atlanta airport…I’m not supposed to be here right now. I should be in Jackson with my family already, but unfortunately I missed my flight so here I sit. I’m having flashbacks from my family’s trip back from Europe and our 8 hour delay in this same place.

Anyway, since I have time and I am all worked out, I figured I would update on my life.
This week has been really hard. The adjustment into working has knocked me on my butt: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Wednesday evening I was certain I had run at least 10 miles that day, but no, I did not run 10 miles. My legs just aren’t used to standing and running around ALL day. Hopefully next week won’t be as rough, but I’m preparing for the tired.

I have been terrible when it comes to the goals I set for myself last week. Lets recap those bad boys-
1) stay in the word
2) exercise regularly
3) update the blog regularly.

Lets just say those goals have not been met. I did exercise this week by taking Avery on 2 mile walks most days, but I really need to get into running. It’s hard to convince myself to go after I get home and plop on the couch.

Staying in the word: well, I have 0 excuse and I know it is getting to me. This year is going to be really difficult and I tend to rely on myself unless I am really digging into the word. I need to hold myself more accountable.

Updating the blog- let me be honest here. This week the blog has not been my priority. By the time I get home and get myself together, I am too tired to blog. And I don’t feel as if my life is very blog worthy right now.

I need to stick to my goals and get myself together. I am letting this week off the hook because I was getting used to working again. Next week, though, I am back in the game.
Jesus, exercise, and writing are my three favorite things (besides teaching) and I know that I am just better when I am spiritually and physically feeling fit.

Anyway, I am on my way to my brother’s wedding and to see my sweet family. I will update about this weekend when I get back on Sunday.
Happy Weekend, everyone!

Mid-week Things

The end of summer has made me slack off from blogging. I think the extreme cooking day I had made me a little lazy. Oh well, I’m back! I am going to enjoy my next few days off of work- school starts for me on August 5th…that is MONDAY. Monday,people, that is so soon.

photo (2)

Anyway, this weekend/week I went home to visit my family and celebrate my dad’s birthday. He didn’t expect to see me or my brother until my brother’s wedding, so it was a really sweet time to celebrate. Avery got to spend a lot of time with her dog cousins and now she is exhausted. I am hoping it lasts well into the morning..she got me up at 5 am so she could go play. Dogs are definitely a good step into parenthood.

This week:

1) I have become obsessed with Nashville. Last school year I desperately wanted to get into watching it, but Wednesdays were already filled with a couple of shows and I ran out of tv watching time. Since the canceling of cable, I have been catching up on Nashville through Hulu Plus. I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. Seriously, it is so addicting. I would love to be Connie Britton’s friend. I was a big fan of her’s in Friday Night Lights/ I wanted to be Tammy Taylor so I love being able to watch her in a show again.

2) Today is someone’s birthday…any ideas?

HARRY POTTER (and J.K. Rowling). I’m sorry, I am a major Harry Potter nerd- always have been, always will be. I feel like I should have eaten a piece of cake to celebrate today.

3) My family is saying goodbye (sort of) to our hometown of Millington. My parents are officially, permanently moving to Wisconsin this week. It is a really, very bittersweet time for us. There is so much joy, but also a lot of sadness.  I still have a little weirdness about not having a “home town” home anymore. It is just a really weird situation all around, but God has called us to a big season of change and we are all just going with it. Prayers are definitely coveted.

4) I’m the worst teacher ever. I keep seeing my teacher friends post pictures of their cute, well designed classrooms, and I have only been to my classroom twice. I need to get myself together considering I go back to work on MONDAY!

Anyway, I hope you have a great week. I have quite a few things I am looking forward to making (Hannah, I’m making sweet tea!)

Family Cruisin’ pt. 3

Sorry for the delay between Parts 2 and 3-  Nat and I went to visit his family and I didn’t get around to posting.

This is part 3 about my family’s vacation this summer. There are 2 other parts: Family Cruisin pt. 1 and Family Cruisin pt. 2

Our third excursion took us to Ephesus, which is technically in Ismir, Turkey. Ephesus is a very important city to Christians because that is the city Paul wrote to in Ephesians. It was fascinating to find out that Ephesus was underground until the 1950s! The city had been abandoned due to malaria and had been lost until the 1950s.

DSC_0521This is Nat and I in front of the Library in Ephesus. This wasn’t built until after Paul came through, but it was incredible to see these ruins from so long ago.

DSC_0543The amphitheater in Ephesus was absolutely incredible. I can only imagine what it was like when it was filled with people. The area in the background, where the road is, used to be where the docks were. Ephesus used to be a city on the water, but over time, the water receded and eventually the city was covered under ground.

I don’t think I will ever read Ephesians the same after walking in the footsteps of Paul. I could only imagine what it was like when Paul was there, preaching the Gospel.

Our final stop on the cruise was Split, Croatia. Again, Croatia did not disappoint. Split was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t get enough of the beauty of the city. We didn’t go on an excursion with a tour guide, but rather took our time and wandered around the city on our own.


We climbed up the bell tower in the city to get the most amazing view of the city. There is nothing like the view of this place. We were exhausted (and sweaty) after walking up the stairs, but the view at the top was definitely worth it.


Again, I can’t express how blessed I feel to spend this time with my family. It was so great to experience this city and all the other cities with my family. We are looking forward to adding Sue Ann into our family in August. I love that I am surrounded by loving, Christian women.

The area we explored in Split was a palace area. We only spent a few hours in the city, but we really enjoyed our time.

Overall, this cruise was an amazing experience. I can’t wait until I get another chance to go back to Europe and explore more countries. I definitely have the travel bug!