Two Yellow Bathrooms

If you know me you know that I am a) not a crafty, projecty, home maintenance type of gal and b) not afraid to let people know about my struggle.

So if you enjoy a good story about a person who isn’t the best at anything crafty- you are in the right place.

Let me continue with the story of Nat and I painting our half bathroom. I suggested going to Home Depot at 9:00 PM to pick out samples. We got home at, let’s say, 9:30 and then painted some samples on the wall. After about 5 minutes I knew exactly what I wanted so I convinced Nat that he needed to go and buy the paint so that I could start painting immediately when I woke up in the morning. (I was obviously blinded by my optimism).

Nat got home at around 10 and I decided that starting to paint at 10:00 was the best idea of the day. *Let us all remember that my bedtime is usually 10:30, so anything started at 10:00 is dangerous.

We started to paint. And I started to doubt my ability. I tried to paint the trim while Nat used the roller. Let me be really clear- I TRIED to paint the trim. By try I mean, I got paint all over the floor, myself, and the sink. I pretty much painted everything except the trim. Anyway, after about 30 minutes of painting I started to cry/whine/get upset because “I am not good at painting.” But, soldier on we did. Nat is super positive and is also really good at most things so he kept doing a great job and I kept whining.Eventually 12:00 came and my body/eyeballs/emotions became exhausted and started to shut down, so it was off to bed for me hoping the next day I would wake up with all of the painting skills I lacked the night before.

The next day we got up and helped some of our friends move and then I headed back to the house to start up the painting adventure again. The main issues I had to solve were the trim at the top and oh, everything involving trim around the sink and the toilet. I started painting, sent my mother a text that said something along the lines of “I am a hot mess/this bathroom painting is a hot mess”, cried a little bit, texted Nat and begged him to come home and save me from my madness. As I got more and more desperate I started to figure out a solutions to my pitiful problems, BLUE EDGING TAPE. Instead of painting, I taped up every edge in that bathroom so that Nat could come home and finish painting easily.

And he did come home and he did finish painting! He finished it and then we pulled off the tape and along with the tape came the paint that he spent so much time painting on the trim. BUMMER. But bless my husband’s heart, while I was crying and pouting about my wasted time taping, he repainted everything I messed up. Winner winner, right there.

So we made it through our first painting experience. We had a lovely yellow half bath and I was excited/ dreading having to paint any other rooms in our house.

*Oh don’t let me forget to mention the horrible decision I made to paint a sample stripe on my master bathroom wall because I was certain we would be so good at painting we would get both bathrooms painted in 2 days. Hahaha…so naive. 

Please stay tuned for part 2 of Two Yellow Bathrooms.


Weekend Recap

This weekend I went to Munford to celebrate the wedding of one of my childhood friends, Brian. It was a really nice, quick trip, but it was filled with a lot of family time and snuggles with my sweet little nephew.

I got to Munford on Friday afternoon and had a Chick Fil A lunch with my sister, brother, and sister in law. I left Knoxville in the middle of a nice rain storm, which I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed about. I had sort of been looking to a rainy day to just hang out inside and have a movie day with Nat, but oh well- rainy days always come back.

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner and a Memphis favorite- Central BBQ. I will be really honest here- I was the worst wedding guest when it came to this wedding. I forgot to RSVP until 2 weeks ago when my sister asked me if I was coming. I also went to the rehearsal dinner at the request of my family. Oh well, Brian didn’t seem to mind and, I guess, that is what matters. Anyway, Central BBQ is so yummy and one of my favorite things to eat there are their BBQ nachos. There is nothing quite like their nachos chips. Obviously on a buffet line, nachos are hard to find. I was really craving some of their chips so my sister convinced me to find our waitress and order a basket. I did not regret it at all and we ate our basket of chips with gusto.

Saturday was a very relaxing, chill day. Everyone sort of had their own thing to do in the early afternoon so I was able to run and just hang out (not that I don’t get enough of that during the summer).

I have to interject a funny little story about my Saturday afternoon run. Munford has many a back road and that is where I run when I am home. Well, I was a mile and a half into my run just thinking and running and not paying attention and all of the sudden I found myself with my feet not on the ground. Apparently there were quite a few large branches sticking out onto the road… I was supposed to miss them. I ended up tearing up my elbow a little bit and some road rash on my thighs. It was not my proudest moment. It took me a few minutes to shake it off and decide if I wanted to walk back to the house in shame or if I wanted to keep going. I, proudly, kept going and ended up getting four miles done. All in all- not too bad of a day.

After my exciting afternoon, we all got ready and headed to the wedding. It was a really sweet event and I am so excited for Brian and his bride Shelley. They are a perfect match.

As my sisters and I were sitting at  the table and Hannah started sharing pictures of Zeke with the others at our table. The older people get saying to us “It goes by so fast.” I couldn’t do anything except agree. Life has flown by. It feels like yesterday that Zeke was born and that was 4 months ago! It feels like yesterday Nat and I got married. We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I am trying very hard to remember to enjoy every moment and to love where I am at this point in my life. I have the tendency to wish my life away and I am really trying not to do that anymore.

Anyway- I hope everyone had a good weekend!

In Summer!

Once again, it has been a while since I updated the blog. My sister has started to encourage me to get back to writing and I’m encouraging her to dive into it, so here I am once again.

This summer has flown by! I cannot believe it is July 15th or I cannot believe it is only July 15th. I’m not really sure where I am today. All I know is the next 2.5 weeks are going to fly by and then it is back to work I go.

Anyway, I thought I would share my summer via my Instagram. I am doing my best to try and maintain a balance of living in the moment while also taking pictures so that later on in my life I’m not saying to myself “I just can’t remember what I did when I was 25…”

Nat and I started off our summer in what has become a 2 year tradition: the Knoxville Expo 10k!


We both have tried and are still currently trying to keep up our running habit throughout the summer. It was fun to start off the summer with something fun like a 10k, but I will not lie, the next day I slept in with no regret.

We then took a fun, quick weekend trip to Washington D.C.! IMG_2405

We took the Megabus up and back. The bus ride on the way up was great. We both got to read/nap/talk/whatever we wanted and we left the driving up to someone else. For a 8-9 hour drive, especially through the never ending (slightly boring) Virginia, it was nice to not have to worry about switching drivers, or in our case trying not to be a bad passenger and sleep while Nat drives. Anyway, the ride up was great. We got into the city around 7, caught a cab to our hotel and then we got dinner near our hotel and could go to bed slightly early so we could spend the next day sightseeing.

We had a lot of fun touring museums and seeing the monuments. On our last day we even went to the National Zoo which was so fun! The zoo is free to the public and because of that we noticed a lot of runners going through the park. I would love that. I think it would make me less reluctant to run some days if I knew I might see a lion or something more exciting than my neighbor’s dog.

We also were able to see my wonderful bestie Courtney while we were in the city. She is seriously who I want to be when I grow up and I am so proud of her life in DC. You go girl.

After many, many hours of sightseeing and being on our feet- we headed back to the megabus for our travels South. I’m not going to lie to anyone about my sleep habits and my attitude toward sleep. I love sleep and I need a lot of it. The overnight Megabus does not allow for it. So, if you are like me and get sassy when your sleep is interrupted choose the day bus. You won’t regret it.

All in all it was a great trip and I am so thankful we were able to go up for a weekend on our own.

After our trip to DC we spent time just hanging out and resting. A school year can really be exhausting. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary and my 25th birthday



Our next trip took us to the great white North….Wisconsin!

My parents moved to Wisconsin almost a year ago to retire. Forget sandy white beaches- they were looking more for slushy white snow. Anyway, the winters may be rough but the summers are absolutely gorgeous. My brother and sister and their spouses and Nat and I all headed up for a few days of family fun.


I can’t forget the most important guest…Ezekiel! My sweet nephew is the pride and joy of our family. I seriously can’t get enough of him so to have 5 days to spend with him was a great addition to my summer.

We spent our days on the lake, at the waterpark, and doing what we do best- just hanging out. It had been since Christmas since we had all been together so it really was just a treat to be around the people I love most. One of the nice things about my parents living up north is the ability to see some of our extended family- which rarely happens. We had a get together that consisted of lots of food and a southern staple- CORN HOLE




It was such a fun trip and I am blessed by a family that I can’t get enough of. I am always looking forward to the next time I get to be with them and even though there seems to be more time between each get together as we get older, it seems like no time has passed at all.

We had a wild one day in between our trip to Wisconsin and our next big trip to EDISTO! Every year (2nd annual) we and 4 other couples go to the beach together. It is such a fun trip and we are so lucky to have a close knit group of people to be around.


We spent 7 days on Edisto Island and it was pure bliss. It was so nice to be a 2 minute walk from the beach and everyone could just come and go as they pleased. We ate a lot and played lots of games- a lot of sweet, funny memories were made. I am anxiously looking forward to next year!

This year’s trip had a bittersweet aspect to it. One of the couples just moved from Knoxville and another moved shortly after our trip. It was weird to think of everyone being in different places. That week though was sweet because regardless of where we are in life, our friendships are still in tact and will continue to be. I am a very blessed girl because of these friendships.


And now here we are…in present day. The big trips are behind us and we are looking forward to a new, exciting school year. Every year I feel a little anxious about school starting back and this year is no different. This year, however, is filled with excitement, which is new for me. I am starting my 3rd year or teaching and for the first time ever I feel like my feet are slightly on the ground. (I would say the tips of my toes- but that is better than nothing!)

I am thankful for a fun summer to rest and recover. There are a couple more weeks left and I am going to love them for what they are!





Hey! I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling…25?

Not quite as catchy, but truthful.

Anyway, it has been quite a while since I blogged. I realize that and I will explain my absence.

Life happened. Is that enough? No? Ok. I will explain.

Life really did happen. Work got busy. I had a lot of other things going on. But really, I got hit by a major comparison bug and decided that my blog, my thoughts weren’t quite good enough. I spent a bit of time not blogging or reading blogs and now, here I am, back and ready to get myself together!

I felt like today was an appropriate time to start blogging again because I am on the eve of my 25th birthday. And never before have I ever been excited about aging and about adding another year to my age, but this year I am pumped.

For the last i’ll say 3-4 months I have had this extra beat in my heart telling me that 25 is going to be the best year yet. I have never had this feeling before and I know that it is God. I know it because there is nothing else it could be. I just have this longing to make 25 something different, beyond the ordinary. I may feel more hope about this year because it is my 3rd year of teaching and 25 sounds less “young”, but regardless of the reasoning, I know this is going to be a big year.

My prayer for this year is that the Lord doesn’t allow me to just be. I want to be moved and changed and shaken and asked and told and most of all willing. I have no idea what this year will look like, but I know that 25 cannot look the same as 24. My attitude towards my work, my friends, my family, my responsibilities cannot look the same. 25 is the year.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this upcoming year! 

New year goals

I know it has been about 3 weeks since the new year, but I didn’t want to write about my New Years resolutions until the year had really started and I had bEen able to decide what I wanted to focus my year on.

So here they are, my goals for 2014:
1) exercise more regularly: I know this is cliche, and I am pretty regular with working out, but I can easily convince myself not to work out and end up going a few weeks without getting a workout in. My goal is to run another marathon before I turn 26, so I’m really trying to get more miles in. I also am thinking of joining a gym so I have other options besides running. Every now and then I would like to get to do a class or a different kind of exercise.

2) clean up! This is serious honesty time, but truthfully, I am a mess and I am a very messy person. I want to believe I’m not, but I am. This year I am going to try desperately to get a little neater. My goals so far have been cleaning up every night before I go to bed instead of leaving a mess and waking up annoyed, setting up a cleaning routine throughout the week, and being about intentional about putting things away after I am finished with them. So far this has been an adjustment for Nat and I, but we are doing ok, and my Saturdays aren’t spent cleaning up my mess from the week.

3) time management: this ties in with my two other goals as well as a few other miniature goals I have. I waste a lot of time and don’t spend my time doing what I actually want to do. My goal is to stop spending so much time on my phone, computer, iPad, tv, etc and more time either reading my bible (I’m trying to read through the bible in a year), working out, cleaning, doing work for school, spending time with Nat, reading, etc.

Anyway, these are my main goals for the year so I’m trying to hold tight and make them habits rather than give them up early like I usually do. Here we go, 2014!

Living Room Makeover

I think I have said this before, and if I haven’t I should have:I am a terrible interior decorator. Seriously, the idea of decorating makes me slightly nauseous and hysterical.

That being said, as a homeowner, I couldn’t ignore the need to decorate my house. It is easy in an apartment. I just kept telling myself we were only going to live there for a few months and then we would be gone. (I eventually decorated thanks to my mother and being told we were going to live there for more than a few months)

Anyway, my living room has been my priority. It is the space we spend the most time in and the space that people will see first when they walk into our house. I wanted it to be comfortable, yet simple and homey.

We bought new furniture at Rooms to Go- a couch and chair w/ ottoman. The room is a very weird space because of where the front door is in relation to the staircase and the fireplace. Anyway, we needed furniture that wouldn’t be humongous, but would also allow seating for more than 3 people.

(I was told DO NOT buy white/off white/cream colored furniture. Apparently black dogs and white furniture don’t mix. Well, I said psshh I will buy whatever furniture I like. Therefore, I have white furniture that I currently vacuum at least twice a week. I also try (unsuccessfully, I might add) to keep my dog on the floor or on a blanket if she is on the couch.)

Anyway- this is what we came up with and this is legitimately so comfortable and fits quite a few bottoms comfortably.

IMG_1955 IMG_1953

The second most stressful thing in my life (next to getting dressed every morning) was buying a rug. I knew from the beginning of our time in this house that I would need a rug for this room. It was just too big and needed something to bring it all together (and it has helped the never ending sweeping event that has been going on in the last month and a half). Well, I have been staring at our blank floor with disdain and I have beens staring at rugs in stores, trying desperately to find something I would like in a few months that did not cost me an arm and a leg (we are teachers, people!).

So, the other day I went to Target to buy something I needed, maybe peanut butter or what not. But, like during all Target trips, I started wandering around not looking for anything in particular, but ending up with a bunch of stuff (not in my cart, because I try not to use a cart so I don’t buy as much) in my arms, which I kept dropping, but kept refusing to get a cart because I wasn’t getting THAT MUCH. Whatever, it happens to all of us. Anyway, I was wandering through the bathroom/bedroom aisles just minding my own business, when I ran into the rug aisle and came across a rug I didn’t mind putting in my living room.

Well, long story short…I bought the rug, got home, laid it on the ground and….I hated it.

I hated it because I bought a 5 x 7 but this room is much too big for a 5 x 7 rug.

After the failure, I sat on the couch and pouted about my horrible decision making, decorating skills, and then decided to go back to Target and see if I could find the rug in a bigger size.

As you can see, congratulations are in order. I found the rug in a 7 x 10 and ended up actually buying it (after again, not getting a cart, so I walked my happy self around while carrying this 10 feet long rug around Target. No shame)

IMG_1954 (Doesn’t Avery look majestic?)

I’m pleased so far with how the rug has pulled my little room together. I will continue on with paint color and other decor tomorrow.

Thank you, 2013



I know it may be cliche to say “I can’t believe this year is over” but, really I can’t believe this year is over. This year has been such a blessing and now, in just a few short hours, it will be 2014 and we will be facing a new set of joys and challenges. I can’t help but look back at this year and be so thankful and so humbled at where life has taken me.

In 2013,

Nat and I took an amazing trip to Disney World for our first spring break as official teachers. We finished our FIRST YEAR of teaching (something I never thought I would do). We watched friends get married and have babies. We celebrated finding out about soon to be babies. We grew in friendship with each other and with others. My family took an amazing trip overseas, which was my first time to Europe and Asia. Nat and I adopted our first dog, Avery, and we can’t imagine life without her.My family added our newest member, Sue Ann, in August. Nat and I celebrated our first anniversary. My parents officially retired to Wisconsin and our family saw a lot of change. My sister and her husband bought my parents old house and made it something new and incredible. My sister and her husband announced our first nephew, arriving in March. Nat and I bought our first house. The Rebels made it to the state championship for the first time in school history. Our family  (Nat’s side) welcomed the first nephew, grandchild, baby Grayson (on Dec 30th!).

This year has been a blessing. There has been a lot of joy and sadness, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so looking forward to this upcoming year. There are so many things I am looking forward to doing, changing, growing.

Well, all that to say: Happy New Year!