My Favorite Things

I am a lover of Jesus, the kitchen, and working out. There are a lot of things I swear by and use quite often.

moleskineMoleskine journals are my go to journals. I’ve used a moleskine journal for the past 3 years, and it is sort of my dream that in 10 years I have an entire bookcase shelf filled with journals. (Big dreams, I know.)

kitchenaidMy love in the kitchen is my KitchenAid artisan stand mixer. Seriously, I don’t know how I lived as long as I did without this baby. It was the one gift I told Nat that I had to give myself after we got married. He didn’t deny that demand, and he has benefited from it. He enjoys the treats that are made using that mixer.

Rectangle-StonewarMy next favorite and most used item in my kitchen. My Pampered Chef rectangle stone. Pampered Chef’s stoneware is seriously the best. My mom has always used these stones (as long as I can remember at least). She gave me my first stone as a gift and I nearly cried. My dream is to use it as much as she has and have the perfect brown, well-used color. I use these stones for everything. I can’t recommend them enough.


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