Two Yellow Bathrooms (the conclusion)

*This is the third and final part of a three part adventure of mine in home decorating. Go back and read Part 1 and Part 2

So we left off with me crying in the Home Depot parking lot but convincing myself that going back and painting my bathroom yellow would not be the worst thing and guess what? It was not.

Now- I have been asked on multiple occasions about my experience and based on the first one, most people expected me to say “Kill me now” or something along those lines.

Believe it or not, painting my bathroom was a relatively pleasant experience once I actually got to the painting part. Now, it took me a little while once I got home to really convince myself that I wanted to do something like this to myself again. I had to give myself multiple pep talks all the way up the stairs (and back down again, I obviously forgot things).

I prepped the bathroom way better than I did the last time, I thought through what I was actually doing, and I gave myself an action plan. Also- I did not start at 10:00 at night (I think that was one of the key factors in the dramatics of my first attempt).

I knew getting into it that there was no way I was going to do the trim at the top. I am just too short and our ladder is currently broken so I knew that I couldn’t finish the entire room by myself, which was fine, so away I went into the adventure of painting.

I finished, I would say, 70% of the bathroom by the time Nat got home. I left him most of the trim work at the top and some of the touching up.

Now as this adventure comes to a close and a I move on to my next big undertaking (which might just be going back to work on MONDAY) I have to say one thing:

Painting will never be a hobby of mine. I just don’t think that it is ever going to be something I enjoy, but now after 2 rooms I don’t think it is something that will bring me to tears (hopefully).

Now it is time to reveal the new color! There are a few spots that need touch up and my shelves aren’t completely decorated but here it is:


I bought the picture frame and clock at TJ Maxx this morning…so ignore the price tag. The shelf decorations aren’t permanent. I just needed something to fill up the space for the time being. We will see where it ends up.

IMG_2879I got this print from Sacred Made shop. This is my 3rd print from this shop and I love it. I really am trying to put Biblical truth in every room of my home to help keep my mind focused on what is real and true. They are really nice quality and very affordable! Check them out!

IMG_2882I purchased this shower curtain at Target (surprise surprise) as well as the bath rugs. I am a little mad at myself because today at TJ Maxx I saw a few bath rugs I liked a little bit better. I might consider new rugs a little bit later…

Overall, I am pretty happy with the way this room turned out. It still has a little work left, but I am pleased. I am not excited about painting other rooms, but I am not dreading the day it comes.

Thanks for staying with me in this story! Happy Thursday!




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