New year goals

I know it has been about 3 weeks since the new year, but I didn’t want to write about my New Years resolutions until the year had really started and I had bEen able to decide what I wanted to focus my year on.

So here they are, my goals for 2014:
1) exercise more regularly: I know this is cliche, and I am pretty regular with working out, but I can easily convince myself not to work out and end up going a few weeks without getting a workout in. My goal is to run another marathon before I turn 26, so I’m really trying to get more miles in. I also am thinking of joining a gym so I have other options besides running. Every now and then I would like to get to do a class or a different kind of exercise.

2) clean up! This is serious honesty time, but truthfully, I am a mess and I am a very messy person. I want to believe I’m not, but I am. This year I am going to try desperately to get a little neater. My goals so far have been cleaning up every night before I go to bed instead of leaving a mess and waking up annoyed, setting up a cleaning routine throughout the week, and being about intentional about putting things away after I am finished with them. So far this has been an adjustment for Nat and I, but we are doing ok, and my Saturdays aren’t spent cleaning up my mess from the week.

3) time management: this ties in with my two other goals as well as a few other miniature goals I have. I waste a lot of time and don’t spend my time doing what I actually want to do. My goal is to stop spending so much time on my phone, computer, iPad, tv, etc and more time either reading my bible (I’m trying to read through the bible in a year), working out, cleaning, doing work for school, spending time with Nat, reading, etc.

Anyway, these are my main goals for the year so I’m trying to hold tight and make them habits rather than give them up early like I usually do. Here we go, 2014!


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