Living Room Makeover

I think I have said this before, and if I haven’t I should have:I am a terrible interior decorator. Seriously, the idea of decorating makes me slightly nauseous and hysterical.

That being said, as a homeowner, I couldn’t ignore the need to decorate my house. It is easy in an apartment. I just kept telling myself we were only going to live there for a few months and then we would be gone. (I eventually decorated thanks to my mother and being told we were going to live there for more than a few months)

Anyway, my living room has been my priority. It is the space we spend the most time in and the space that people will see first when they walk into our house. I wanted it to be comfortable, yet simple and homey.

We bought new furniture at Rooms to Go- a couch and chair w/ ottoman. The room is a very weird space because of where the front door is in relation to the staircase and the fireplace. Anyway, we needed furniture that wouldn’t be humongous, but would also allow seating for more than 3 people.

(I was told DO NOT buy white/off white/cream colored furniture. Apparently black dogs and white furniture don’t mix. Well, I said psshh I will buy whatever furniture I like. Therefore, I have white furniture that I currently vacuum at least twice a week. I also try (unsuccessfully, I might add) to keep my dog on the floor or on a blanket if she is on the couch.)

Anyway- this is what we came up with and this is legitimately so comfortable and fits quite a few bottoms comfortably.

IMG_1955 IMG_1953

The second most stressful thing in my life (next to getting dressed every morning) was buying a rug. I knew from the beginning of our time in this house that I would need a rug for this room. It was just too big and needed something to bring it all together (and it has helped the never ending sweeping event that has been going on in the last month and a half). Well, I have been staring at our blank floor with disdain and I have beens staring at rugs in stores, trying desperately to find something I would like in a few months that did not cost me an arm and a leg (we are teachers, people!).

So, the other day I went to Target to buy something I needed, maybe peanut butter or what not. But, like during all Target trips, I started wandering around not looking for anything in particular, but ending up with a bunch of stuff (not in my cart, because I try not to use a cart so I don’t buy as much) in my arms, which I kept dropping, but kept refusing to get a cart because I wasn’t getting THAT MUCH. Whatever, it happens to all of us. Anyway, I was wandering through the bathroom/bedroom aisles just minding my own business, when I ran into the rug aisle and came across a rug I didn’t mind putting in my living room.

Well, long story short…I bought the rug, got home, laid it on the ground and….I hated it.

I hated it because I bought a 5 x 7 but this room is much too big for a 5 x 7 rug.

After the failure, I sat on the couch and pouted about my horrible decision making, decorating skills, and then decided to go back to Target and see if I could find the rug in a bigger size.

As you can see, congratulations are in order. I found the rug in a 7 x 10 and ended up actually buying it (after again, not getting a cart, so I walked my happy self around while carrying this 10 feet long rug around Target. No shame)

IMG_1954 (Doesn’t Avery look majestic?)

I’m pleased so far with how the rug has pulled my little room together. I will continue on with paint color and other decor tomorrow.


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