The 1st of December

I can not believe it is already December 1st, can you?

December is one of my favorite months. I love Christmas and just the great expectation that comes with this month. There is so much to look forward to and to be excited about.

Not only can I not believe it is December, I can not believe it is still football season. You read that correctly, football season is still upon us. The Rebels won their Black Friday Semi-Final game so we are off to the state championship! Never again will I make plans for Thanksgiving thinking we might have the chance to travel. I am so thrilled for Nat and for the team. What a great season it has been, and a state championship ring wouldn’t be a bad way to top off the season!

I do have to say, I am so thankful I can finally, without doubt, say that football season will be over after this Friday. I won’t have anymore Sunday afternoons alone; at least not until next year. I love that my husband loves his job, but it is a lonely world for a wife!

December is going to be busy as we conclude this semester of school, continue to move into our house (new furniture coming soon!), visit family, and do a little bit of traveling.

Anyway, I am hoping to start blogging about our house once we get our new furniture and start to make some decorating happen.

Happy December 1st and 1st day of Advent!


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