This Week

We are moving in a week and a half. These are my pre-moving plans:

  • Wash literally every linen we have in this apartment and any dirty clothes we acquire in the next week and a half. (I am getting every penny out of my water payment for the month)
  • Go see Justin Timberlake in Nashville
  • Eat every single freezer meal left in our freezer (We are having taco soup at least 3 times.)
  • Eat everything from our refrigerator (I am getting really creative here, people!)
  • Throw away any old/expired/gross food. I am finding cans that are from when I was in college. That is much too old.
  • Try and ignore the mess that is my apartment. I am praying I am not going to be judged by anyone for the amount of dust, dirt, and junk we have acquired as we have started packing. I’m usually really clean!
  • Buy a couch.
  • Find a refrigerator.
  • Find a new kitchen table.

And somewhere along the way I am going to grade papers, teach students, go to meetings, and hopefully sleep.

This is an exciting time! Here we go!


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