This Weekend.

This weekend was spent celebrating my brother and his new wife, Sue Ann. It was a fast, fun-filled weekend, and I am absolutely exhausted, but I am so happy about the fun we had.

Thursday I flew to Jackson, Mississippi after work. My flight from Knoxville got into Atlanta late, so sadly, I missed my connecting flight. That was the first time as an adult, on my own, I had to figure out what to do. Luckily, Delta is pretty great about rebooking their customers if they miss a connection. After a 3 hour layover in Atlanta I finally made it to Jackson where I quickly found my bed and crashed for the night. I was up much later than my teacher bed time.


Friday, Hannah and I threw Sue Ann a bachelorette/lingerie shower luncheon at Bravo! Italian restaurant. It was such a fun afternoon celebrating our new sister. It was great to get to know Sue Ann’s friends and to spend time with her before the big day. Later that afternoon, my mom, sister, and I went and got manicures. Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant, Sal and Mooky’s. It was a  night filled with sweet speeches, laughter, and good food. TJ and Sue Ann are so loved and it was evident that night.


Saturday was the big day. We spent the morning getting our cxv hair done and drinking mimosas. It was such a relaxing day, which I am not used to, but I guess that is the perk of being on the groom’s side and having such a chill bride to be around.


The wedding was gorgeous and I am just on cloud 9 after spending so much time with my family. So many of my relatives came from Wisconsin to celebrate my brother and it was wonderful. I won’t lie and I won’t beat around the bush…I love my family and I think they are the best.


Family can be really difficult for some people. My family has gone through seasons where we didn’t get along very well. Growing up we had a crazy life because of the navy, but I feel like our bond has always been real. TJ, Hannah, and I are best friends and have grown closer throughout our adulthood. I am just humbled ad so thankful to Jesus that we were placed together as a family.


My family is definitely not perfect and we have a lot of issues, but I would never trade them. My extended family is large and crazy and like every family, has differences, but I know one thing for sure: we love each other very seriously.


Anyway, it was a great weekend. I am absolutely exhausted and I know I have a big week ahead. Here is to my first full week back to school, and Friday is the first football game of the season!



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