Mid-Week things

Okay. I have obviously stopped traveling/having people over/started living the football coach’s wife life. Mid-week things is actually real and thought out this week.


(Seriously, isn’t she the sweetest? She was sad- she had to get a shot at the vet.)


Has everyone seen THIS. Be still my heart and let me get an “amen” all at the same time. If you are confused/ didn’t click the link (shame)- this is a video of Dustin Hoffman explaining his regret of treating women differently if they aren’t culturally defined as “hot.” Good gracious, I started crying listening to him explain his story.

Let me just be the first one to throw a stone at myself, I am guilty of judging books/people by their cover. I don’t know why my mind makes a correlation between attractiveness and interestingness (just made that word up), but it does. I point at men and get angry when they do it, but really, I do the same thing. How many great people have I missed out on in my life because they weren’t what I defined as “attractive” or even “cool”? How many people have I ignored or treated poorly because of the first glance? Seriously- I can’t take the thought. Please, watch this video. It is really neat and could make you very introspective. It did for me.


On a less serious note, I am obsessed with Mindy Kaling and therefore obsessed with THIS. I can’t help but be a major fan of this woman. I also like to brag about the fact that Mindy and I own the same pair of wedges from TARGET and at one point had the same iPhone case. I feel like we were meant to be best friends. But really, can I be best friends with her?


I am sure by now everyone has heard about Cory Monteith’s death. It is heartbreaking; he was only 31. I stopped watching Glee after the 2nd season, but I always enjoyed the music and Finn, Monteith’s character. This just, once again, makes me recognize that life is so precious and our days are not promised.


I don’t know if I have posted this article before, but I really recommend reading it: How to talk to Little Girls. My jaw literally dropped when I read that nearly half of girls ages 3-6 worry about being fat. GOOD GRACIOUS. Three year olds shouldn’t know what fat means, much less think that about themselves. Three year olds are just learning to go to the bathroom in a toilet and apparently they are simultaneously (it took me an embarrassing amount of tries to spell that word) worried if they are skinny enough. I don’t know if I can handle that.

Also: 15-18% of girls under the age of twelve wear eyeliner and mascara. UNDER the age of 12! What happened to being kids? Gosh, this world is not easy to be a young girl in. Heck- it isn’t easy to be an woman in general in this world, but to think that I am not helping the problem is really shocking.

Regularly- and I mean regularly- I comment on a little girl’s clothes before anything else. Nat has probably lost count of the times I freak out about a tutu or a hair bow.

I read this article and think about the little girl the author spoke to. If someone had asked my five year old self what I was reading, I would have LOVED it. As a little girl (and now a 24 year old) who loved to read, that question would have been a highlight of my day. Heck, I still love talking about what I am reading.

I don’t know…it is something to think about.


Nat and I cancelled our cable. We have Netflix and are planning on getting Hulu plus, but still, it is already weird. You can expect more blogs considering I find it complicated that I can’t just press ON on the remote and I am given my daily dose of TV trash. Here’s to being intentional about my time and using it more wisely.

(Don’t let my pessimistic attitude fool you, I’m really excited about this choice and I am finding that I like the quiet of not having the TV on. And it is motivating me to do a lot of other things that don’t get done when there is a Real Housewives of Orange County Marathon on.)


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