Happy Sunday!

It has been such a fun weekend.

My sister (and dog-niece, Penny) came to visit me and we had such a fun time. Most of the things my sister and I do revolve around food. I can’t explain why, except for the fact that we love food.

Hannah doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s in good ole’ Memphis, so we made a stop there and I can’t explain the excitement she and I both felt when we discovered their Garlic salt grinder and their Cinnamon Sugar grinder. These are like a salt or pepper grinder, just filled with garlic salt or cinnamon sugar. Hannah and I are both obsessed with these spice combos so really, it was the most exciting moment of our trip. I’m looking forward to cutting up an apple and grinding up some cinnamon/sugar on top.

We also ate at my favorite Knoxville staple, Aubrey’s, and did some shopping. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having a sister.

I love my girlfriends, but I don’t think I will ever have as good of a friendship with another female as I do with my sister. We are kindred spirits. I would like to blame it completely on being navy children and genetics, but really, I think our sister friendship is a choice. We definitely did not get along all the time as we were teenagers. There were a few years there that I would like to re-write, but as a adults we have figured out a wonderful way to become friends are to really enjoy life together.

I hope that when Nat and I have kids (in the far future), we have daughters (note the plural). I know girls can be scary, especially teenage girls; I was/am one of them. I know that boys are apparently the “easier” of the two genders, but really, there is nothing like having a sister. I can only pray that if I do have daughters, they like each other as much as I like my sister. Here’s to hoping, people!

Now, let me also add- I LOVE having a brother as well. My brother is one of the closest people to me. He has been a rock in my life, and there is no one else I would rather want as my big brother. Love you, TJ.

I tell Nat all the time that it would be a dream to be my sister’s next door neighbor. I think God has held off on giving me that because he knows I need to make friends with other people.

During Hannah’s visit, our dogs got to become best friends…I guess they knew that they had to be, but seriously, they love each other. Avery has spent this entire day asleep, recuperating from the weekend’s fun wit Penny.


They spent the entire weekend following each other around. Can this be any cuter?IMG_1110

The only picture Hannah and I took together. We tried really hard to get the dogs to take a selfie, but they weren’t having it.

School starts in less than a month, so the next few weeks will be busy getting ready for the upcoming year. I plan on doing a few new recipes and of course, like promised many times before, a freezer meal extravaganza. I made homemade tomato-basil spaghetti sauce today- look forward to that tomorrow!



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