Mid-Week Things

1. Tomorrow we are going to the beach! We are going with a few of our good friends to Charleston, SC for a weekend beach get away. I feel like my entire month of June has been spent on vacation/away from home, but I am ok with it. I am desperately looking forward to hours spent on the beach, reading and relaxing. Tomorrow, come soon!

2. Nat and I are taking the plunge and becoming parents. PUPPY Parents! We are adopting a sweet baby girl puppy and can pick her up on Sunday on our way back from the beach. I will definitely post pictures right away. I am going to need a lot of help to figure out how to have a dog. I think it should be fun, and I have convinced myself that having a dog will make football season much easier 🙂

3. Tonight for dinner I jumped on the quinoa train and let me tell you, I am jumping off of that train already. I may try it again in another setting, but buffalo chicken quinoa is not for me. If you have any good quinoa recipes- send them my way…I am going to need some convincing.

4. There have been so many good sales lately: Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale and Bath and Body works annual sale. I definitely stopped at both. I can’t resist a good sale 🙂

5. I am sad to admit that June is almost over and July is coming. I told myself that I would make July productive and get to work preparing for next school year. I don’t know how realistic that goal is, but I am definitely going to try. I only have one more trip planned after this beach weekend, so hopefully I will be ready to start being productive (sort of doubting it…)

Anyway, have a great rest of your week! You are halfway to the weekend!


One thought on “Mid-Week Things

  1. Can’t wait to meet your puppy! And I love quinoa! I’ve made a lot of great things with it- we’ll have to chat about recipes this weekend!

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