Mid-week Things

Truthfully, I forgot about mid-week things. The last two weeks were spent travelling so mid week things were sort of pushed to the back burner. Anyway, I know I posted already this morning, but that was about the trip. This is still the middle of the week!

1) I am starting a list of goals for the upcoming school year/ end of summer. I really want to work on my organization so that the beginning of the school year won’t sneak up on me. I felt like last year was really overwhelming and I want to help prevent that.

2) I have become obsessed with a few new Trader Joe’s items. Their Cilantro salad dressing is AH-mazing. Nat and I have had salads with that dressing on them two days in a row, and it is so so good. Also, their Corn and chile no tomato salsa is really good. Its a little sweet and gives a little heat as well. I’ve been on a taco/south western salad kick and both of these things are adding fuel to the fire.

I always look for new favorites at Trader Joe’s. What do you like the most? I’m always pleased with the food I buy from them so please give recommendations!

3) During vacation I read quite a few books, which was awesome, and I am currently trying to man my way through Anna Karenina. I am going to need some book recommendations for after I make it through this 1300 page Russian killer. What books are you reading? I need something good.

4) Next week a bunch of our friends are going to the beach and I cannot wait! I love going to the beach and getting away from the norm. I’m looking forward to being out in the sun and eating good food. 1 week and a day!


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