Mid-Week Things

1. Today is the last  “mid-week things” post of the school year! Hallelujah!

But seriously, today was the last Wednesday of the school year. We have 1.5 days left and I could not be more ready. We are just tying up loose ends at school and we will be done for the summer. I am just overwhelmed at the fact that my first year of teaching is over. There is a post to come about this on Friday.

2. If you didn’t know- it is strawberry season. I married into a family of strawberry farmers, which is awesome. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, without a doubt, so I am loving life right now. Anyway, I made strawberry shortcake on Saturday night, which lasted until Sunday. I am not embarrassed to admit that we ate 4 quarts of strawberries in a weekend. THey are so worth it.

3. My goal of running 100 miles this month isn’t going to happen. I am running a 10k on Saturday, which I’m excited about. Nat is a good encourager when I am unsure about running. He reminded me today “you paid for it. you are running it.” That is encouragement in the best way.

4. I am really excited about this summer. I’m excited about the rest, obviously. I am pumped about the vacations, of course. I am more excited about doing some projects, cooking some good food, and just getting things done. I’m looking forward to the Bible study I am doing and church and time for resting and hanging out.

5. I have a few posts coming up: lasagna soup (I know it is summer and soup isn’t a summer food, but this is worth it.) Strawberry shortcake, and my end of the first year of teaching post.



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