Mid-Week Things

Happy Wednesday! One week left of having kids at school! I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by. Here are a few things I have been thinking of this week.

1. The Office series finale is tomorrow. I can’t explain the sadness that is taking over me. Last week’s episode made me ugly cry for a good 15 minutes. I can only imagine what saying goodbye to this show forever will do to me. I feel like every good Office fan feels the same way. I cried like a baby when Jim and Pam got married (still can’t watch that episode without tissues), when Michael left, and I can only bet that it will get worse with this finale.

I almost cried at work looking at these pictures: Office Finale pictures. I can’t handle the finality of no more Thursday night comedy.

2. A lot of people have shared this article and I think it is really thoughtful.

As Christians it is really easy to want to be the “example” and to live above reproach. I think it is important to live in a way that shows Christ in us. There are choices we must make when we are following Christ. There is a problem, though. The problem is when we are afraid to make mistakes and say “I am a mess.” Everyone is a mess. Everyone makes mistake. Everyone struggles. Sometimes it’s ok to admit that you are having a hard time. It is ok to admit that you aren’t perfect.

This is me not being an example: I am an absolute mess. My apartment is dirty more than it is clean. I eat cheese quesedillas for dinner more often than an adult should. I gossip. I am sarcastic. I hold grudges. I am not a perfect person- all I am is a broken woman who is following Christ, and allowing him to work in me.

3. Football season is upon us already.

Nat has had spring football practice/scrimmages for the last 2 weeks. I feel like the season just ended and I was back at the stadium watching a scrimmage. Can I admit something? My dream in life is to be Tami Taylor, you know, from Friday Night Lights? Seriously. I am obsessed with her and her charm and greatness. Here is to hoping one day Nat becomes head coach and we still work at the same school. We will be the real Friday Night Lights.

4. My May running goal is not going to be met.

In between sickness and absolute craziness this month, my running is not going to get to 100 miles. I had big plans, but life got in the way. Oh well- I’m trying to get it together in the second half of the month. School is slowing down and summer is happening. Hopefully I can get close to my goal!

5. I ate at Chick Fil a twice today for about $5 total.

There is no great story. The only important part is that I love Chick Fil A and I love coupons.

Hope you have a great week! I plan on cooking at least once this week 🙂


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