Happy 2 Years!

The other night I tricked Nat. I said “Do you know what is coming up soon?”

He gave the expected answers: The last day of school; (My) birthday; Our 1 year anniversary; My family’s Mediterranean cruise.

All of these are definitely happening soon, and I am way excited about all of them. The answer I was looking for, however, was the anniversary of our engagement. It isn’t really important anymore and we didn’t celebrate it last year, but for me, it is a fun day to remember.

Nat was a stellar boyfriend. Gosh, he had to be in order to date me, because I am not an easy girl to date. I was OBSESSED with marriage. I was obsessed to a point that was unhealthy. All I could talk about was getting engaged and planning a wedding and getting married. Seriously, it was the only thing I could talk about for the last 3 months of our strictly dating relationship. Nat knew that I valued an engagement and I laid out some very strict guidelines I NEEDED to be followed (am I a diva or what?).

My family had to be in the area/ I needed to be able to see my family within a week of the engagement

It had to be private/public. Seriously- how does he deal with me?

I wanted someone to take pictures of the event.

I wanted a party with all of our friends and family for us to go to after we were engaged.

All that spells to me now is DIVA. God bless the man, he will have a crown in heaven for the trouble I cause him.

Regardless of my crazy, Nat came through and gave me a perfect, beautiful, loving engagement that still makes me laugh and cry thinking of it. He was thoughtful and smart and tricky.


He gave me everything I wanted and so much more.

IMG_0067My family was in the area- surprisingly! He got my parents (and sister) to come to Knoxville early, without me knowing, so they could be at the party after.

He proposed to me at a park. He posted notes on the path to where he was waiting that spoke of our relationship. It made it seem like the entire park was just for me. It wasn’t so public that it was at a restaurant ,which was a major no-no.IMG_9974

He got our wonderful friends, Brooks and Britton, to take pictures before/during/after the proposal and I am still so grateful to have those pictures.

He threw a party with all of our friends and family. He made it possible that some of my out of town close friends got to come (Sarah and David, thanks!) I could gush forever about our engagement.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate my sweet husband. He had to/still does deal with quite a troublesome girlfriend, and he doesn’t get a lot of praise for it. Thank you, Nat, for making me feel so loved and special- not just on May 11, 2011, but everyday. I’m lucky to be your wife and I was so lucky to be your girlfriend and fiance. You are a winner.

222206_1707703341601_1508580080_31324685_1960168_nIs it weird that all I can think is- man, we look young! (It has only been two years, but I feel like we’ve aged…)


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