Mid-Week things

1. This week/last two weeks/the month of April have been horrendously busy. As teachers, this was the gearing up time to the End Of Course tests. My students took their tests yesterday, so hopefully all went well. I am finally able to take  a semi deep breath. I am grateful that this year is coming to a close. There are a lot of things I look forward to doing differently next school year.

2. I seriously could eat buffalo wing sauce everyday. I am absolutely obsessed with it. My new favorite things to make are buffalo chicken quesedillas. They are worth every stinking calorie.

3. This week was National Teacher Appreciation Week. Yesterday, Chipotle offered buy one get one free to teachers and Chick Fil A offered free Chicken sandwiches to teachers. You better believe Mr. Scott and I got Chipotle for dinner and then stopped by CFA and got chicken sandwiches to bring for lunch today. I would count that as a victory.

4. I have only cooked 1.5 times this week- not very productive for food blogging. I made Werre chili mac ,which isn’t chili, but it is delicious, on Monday. I didn’t feel like taking pictures while cooking, because I was multi tasking and arranging new pillows while cooking my dinner. Tuesday we went out. Wednesday (today) I made quesedillas and roasted potatoes. My food combo today was wacko and high calorie/carbs, but i’m trying not to waste groceries.

5. After almost a year of living in our apartment and having our couches, I finally bought new throw pillows. This is a big deal. I have been telling Nat since Christmas that I wanted to get rid of the pillows that came with the couches and buy new ones. I kept putting it off and putting it off for 2 reasons: 1) I am deathly afraid of decorating. The idea of going to pick out pillows that needed to match our green couches was paralyzing. 2) Pillows are incredibly expensive and I had to talk myself into the purchase.

Well- I did it. I finally got my own stubborn butt to go buy some throw pillows. I will not deny, I facetimed my mom while in Target. I found a pillow that was close to the color of my couch and I arranged other pillows around it. I showed my mom around the pillow aisle. I walked and talked to her while pushing my cart. I will not be ashamed at the fact that I need someone to hold my hand when I make these kinds of decisions.

The next big change for our apartment: the wall behind our couch. Right now we have a picture that looked great with the old pillows, but now it is giving off the wrong vibe. My sister has encouraged me to get shelves and decorate those. I won’t lie: that is terrifying. Do you know what goes into decorating shelves? More work than I am willing to do. To be continued, folks…

6. Next weekend is Knoxville’s Biscuit festival. Can there be a more perfect festival? I love biscuits yet I hate them. I love to eat them, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make a perfectly delightful, restaurant quality biscuit. That should be on my list of things to perfect this summer.

7. And finally, the news I have been waiting for since 2006ish: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS BACK IN CONCERT! He will be in Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta and I am tempted to go to all three. I will go by myself if I have to, but I am going. Hallelujah, let the angel chorus sing- I will never be able to explain the extent of my excitement. Bring it on JT, I’m ready for some sweet music.


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