Mid-Week things

1. Last night I tried a recipe that looked really yummy. I was planning on putting it on the blog, but let me tell you, I am not going to waste my time. A few posts ago I talked about the pretzel chicken. I was pretty excited about it. I love trying new recipes, especially when they seem so creative. The trouble started with my food processor. I got a really nice food processor for a wedding gift, and I have only used it a few times, but I COULD NOT GET IT TO WORK. No matter what I did, the stinking the thing would not turn on. So- I had to crush all these darn pretzels with my little hand held food chopper. I should have stopped there…

Any way, I pulled the chicken out of the refrigerator and thought I smelled something, but I kept moving forward. After I put them in the oven, however, a weird smell started happening- let me just say, that chicken was food poisoning waiting to happen. I made a couple of pieces with frozen chicken and Nat and I ate those, but we were still hungry so we ended up at Menchies getting frozen yogurt. I guess everything turned out all right.

2. My sister sent me this link: 22 Changes You make in your 20s. As I read it, I laughed and cried because of how true some of these things were. Check out #1- I remember the days where I could eat like crap for dinner and not notice at all in the morning. Now, I eat a cheeseburger and the next morning that same cheeseburger has attached itself to my body in the shape of love handles. Boo. That also goes along with #4. Nat and I drink green smoothies (as in, smoothies with spinach, every morning…) #20 is something I am still getting used to doing. Sometimes I am just a cheap-o without shame, but I am realizing that some things are worth paying a little bit more for.

3. I cried reading this: Dear Teachers everywhere I can’t wait to have kids so I can appreciate their teachers. I know thats weird; I am a teacher. Shouldn’t I just appreciate myself? Ha- maybe. Anyway, read this- it is absolutely wonderful.

4. The Office is ending. I don’t think I can explain how sad I feel about this fact. This article in the NY Times really just warmed my heart and made me really sad thinking about the last episode. Legitimately, when I got into watching the show, I would sit in class thinking about it and start laughing out loud. I was that person!

5. It is finally May. That means summer break starts this month. I can’t even explain how ready I am for a break. I am also ready for a new school year. There is a long list of things I am going to differently next year floating around in my mind and I can’t wait to actually do those things. It has been a long year- a good year, but a long year. Lord, help me, I can’t believe it is actually over.



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