Mid-Week Things

My goal with this blog is consistency. Wednesdays will be my day to just give my Mid-week thoughts. There will probably be a lot of random thoughts shot out here.

1) My heart is broken over the bombing at the Boston Marathon. As a runner, and as a wife of a runner, the enormity of this situation is weighing really heavily on my heart. Races are such an exciting day for everyone- the runners and the spectators. The magic of the Boston Marathon seems to have been robbed. The Boston Marathon is best of the best- it is the dream of many (if not most) competitive runners. Now, there is a fear, not just about Boston, but about marathons and races in general. I think we never stop running. I hope the cowards that did this don’t win, and we keep on running and keep on doing what we love. Overall, I don’t know. I feel sad, but also more inspired to keep running. My plan is to one day run another marathon and celebrate like heck when I get to that finish line. I can be hopeful about people though, because in the midst of the terror- this list has gone around. It is compiled of people in Boston who are willing to offer up their homes to people who were displaced from their hotels after the bombing. It is simply titled “I Have a Place to Offer.”  If that doesn’t give you hope, I don’t know what will.

2) Is anyone else extremely disappointed that The Office is screwing with Jim and Pam? I cannot get over my annoyance. Their relationship is what made the show! I know that every marriage goes through issues and what not, but don’t make Jim this big of a jerk, please! They only have a few weeks left to make this work and to get their stuff together, but I will not lie. I am not happy with their nonsense.

3) Have you seen this video? Dove Real Beauty Sketches is an experiment by Dove that allows women to see the difference between what they think of themselves and how other people see them. WOW. We are our own toughest critic.

4) My sister and I cleaned out her closet together. I’m in Knoxville and she is in Memphis. I LOVE Face Time. It felt like I was sitting in her room with her, telling her which clothes to get rid of, and which clothes to give to me. I love being able to connect even when we are hours away.

Speaking of my sister…check out her Etsy shop. She is one of the most talented people I know, and the products she and her husband make are gorgeous. I’m getting a window table for my birthday and I cannot wait: Hannah’s Craft Nest

5) Nat and I have had a busy couple of weeks (the whole month of April) and I haven’t had a lot of time to cook. I have my eye on a few recipes that I want to make- so look forward to my adventure in fried shrimp (so healthy, I know), and some stuffed shells sometime soon.

6) I shopped my mom’s house this weekend and found some really cute stuff. I might dable in the art of decorating/painting/ everyone seeing how pitiful I am when I try to be creative. So much excitement coming up soon!