I’m Emotional

I went home to visit my family this weekend.

It is common knowledge that a) I love my family and b) I always cry when I say goodbye to my parents. Those things were cemented this weekend.

We are a mess of people. We are loud and obnoxious; we bug each other to death; we fight and we pick. At the end of the day, though, we love each other fiercely. We are loyal; we support and encourage each other. We are a close group of people. When husbands came into the family they were welcomed with open arms and loved like they had been there for years. And now, when there is a future Mrs. Werre coming into the family, we love her like she has been part of us forever.

My family is going through a weird phase. My parents are selling their home. The home our family has been in for 15 years. The first real permanent home we had.

As we sat on the couch and watched home videos of when we first moved to Millington, all I could think about was the blessed life we lived.

We weren’t rich growing up. We always had enough, but we didn’t live an¬†extravagant¬†lifestyle. When I look back on my life, it wasn’t filled with glamorous vacations and shopping sprees. I didn’t drive get a brand new car for my 16th birthday. My sister and I shared a room more than once. I wore my sister’s hand me downs.

Those things, when I was a teenage girl, used to bother me. I wanted the name brand clothes. I can’t deny it. I wanted the fancy trips. I wanted a brand new car. I was a teenage girl. Now, as an adult, I am so glad that I didn’t have those things.

My parents made choices that I am sure were not easy to make. They decided that my mom would stay home with us. They decided that we would stay in Millington. Lord, I am glad I did not have to make the choices they did.

As I think about the choices they make, and as I think about one day having children, I hope, desperately, I am able to make the hard choices like they did. I hope that I am able to show my children love through my time and my words. I hope I can teach my children that having enough is good enough. Most of all, I hope that I am able to teach my children to love one another well.

This is a post that feels more like a ramble. I don’t think I will ever be able to get the words out well enough to describe the gratitude I feel for my parents. I hope that I can be as good of a parent as they were. When I look back on home videos with my kids, I hope my kids can see and hear how much I love them.

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So mom and dad, if you are reading this- thank you. Thank you for being great parents and loving me well. You did a good job. I hope that when my children are adults, they plan trips home and cry when they leave me.

Ok, my next post is about food- I promise. I need cookies to deal with this emotion.