To my mom

My mother, Ronda, is a wonderful Jesus loving woman.

She is the reason I am writing a blog. She has encouraged me to put myself out there. I struggle daily with what I am supposed to do every day of my life. I continually wonder if I am doing the right thing- no matter what stage of life I am in. In college I wondered if I should be in college, I wondered if my major was the right major; when I finally started my education classes I wondered if I should actually be a teacher. She has constantly reminded me to “stay the course.” If I had a dollar for every time she said that to me I would have a lot of dollars.

This blog is for my mom. The lady who has loved me when I am hard to love. The lady who has pointed me to Christ when all I really wanted to do was focus on myself. On the (many) days I doubt what I’m doing or where I’m at- she pushes me forward. I never feel pressure to be impressive to my mother. I’m never embarrassed when I ugly cry, even when we are in public. She doesn’t judge me for feeling unsure. I always know I can rant and rave. My words regularly come out confused and scrambled, but she doesn’t ask for clarification. She lets me get to the point and sort things out.

I don’t know what this blog is going to bring about. I have a lot of good things on my plate. I’m a new wife, a new teacher, an aspiring foodie, a runner (sometimes). It will probably be a mixture, but for my mother that is the norm with me.

I am all over the place, but my mom has helped me see that being all over the place is ok. The only thing I need to really remain focused on is Christ. On Christ the solide rock I stand- everything else is sinking sand, right?


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